1.       We have been granted an EXTENSION ( 10am Monday morning October 12 so I need your name, email and phone number prior to that ) to add Poll Observers for Early Voting and on Election day. WE NEED YOU !!! We cannot allow the democrats to steal this election so please, if you can, let us know if you can be a Poll Observer ( basically you will be able to go inside the polling room and observe, make notes and document things you see ). We have 2 Early Voting locations that will be open for 17 days October 15-31 and any amount of time you may have during those dates will be appreciated. We have one in Rockfish and one downtown. Election day we have 15 polling locations!!!! That’s a lot to cover! WE NEED YOU !

2.       Friday October 16 from 4pm-8pm we will host a Military Appreciation Freedom First BBQ at the Raeford Airport, PK’s Grill, 155 Airport Drive, Raeford, NC 28376. We’ll have good ol’ NC Bar-b-que, Chicken with all the sides FREE !!!! while supplies last. ( WE WILL VOTE on which Sauce is the BEST…..NC style Vinegar Based, SC style Mustard based or Out West style tomato based ) Congressman Dan Bishop will be in attendance and we have been told Raleigh is working on a special guest for us!! We hope you will let us know if you can make it by replaying by email; hokegop@gmail.com or calling 910-580-7022 so we can estimate food needed. We’ll have Trump Signs, Dan Forest Signs and meet our local candidates and other campaign materials. Drinks are on your own inside PK’s Grill !!    Ad Attached !!!! SHARE 

Let’s help get President Trump, Dan Forest, Thom Tillis, Dan Bishop, Mark Robinson, Sev Palacios, Johnny Boyles, David Frump, Chris Holland. Paul Newby, Phil Berger Jr., Tamara Barringer, Steve Bibey,  and all the Council of State and NC Courts folks across the finish line!! THIS ELECTION IS HUGE !!!