Join us this Friday October 30, 2020 from noon-2pm at Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes Fries, 380 Laurinburg Rd Raeford, NC (Across from High School) FREE Regular Cheeseburger, Fries and Drink. Come talk about the issues before the upcoming election and meet some of the candidates. This election is huge both Nationally, Statewide and Local! ALL POLITICS are local, and we need you to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

TURNOUT & STATS Through last Friday

THIS ELECTION IS OVER !!! ok now that I have your attention, We need Poll Observers & Poll Greeters for election day. (we have 15 polling sites) IF YOU CAN HELP, please message us about Observing or Greeting before 4 pm Wednesday: now, with that said- look at these numbers up to date through this past Friday. Obviously in Hoke County, Republicans are outnumbered 2-1. We use to be down 3-1 and have gained A LOT of ground but, the increase in Unaffiliated Voters in Hoke have skyrocketed since 2004. IN 2004 Unaffiliated Voters were 3,491 to now 10,822–WOW!. democrats in 2004 were 12,069 to now 14,391. REPUBLICANS in 2004 were 3,494 now 7,244 (Republicans are outpacing democrats but Unaffiliated voters are booming!) NOW what percentage of democrats are conservative? SAME for Unaffiliated voters, what percentage are conservative? ……guess we’ll find out! EITHER WAY you look at it, out of 7,244 registered Republicans today and only 1,925 have voted thus far, WE CAN DO BETTER!! Let’s get out there and VOTE and if you have a friend or neighbor or senior citizen, help them vote!! YOU CAN get an Absentee Ballot until Tuesday October 27!! PLEASE DO!!! It’s about Socialism or a Democracy, if we can keep it!


We need Poll Observers for Election Day and Greeters! In Hoke we have 15 polls and need folks to either be an Observer (inside the poll) or Greeter outside the poll (passing out voter info). We need Observer names by 4 pm Wednesday October 28. EMAIL US ; Need your name, number and email. POLL GREETERS we can take all the way up to the day before election day so Monday November 2. If you can spare an hour or two, it would help !


We will Rally at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport on Election Night to celebrate! If you have helped us this year, we would like to say THANK YOU and have a little fun. The bar and grill will be open and available for you to order from if desired. STOP BY and say hello or hang out just a bit before we all head home to CELEBRATE President Trumps second term, our NEW Governor Dan Forest and hopefully A LOT of victories her locally!


Community Concerns: Hoke GOP has held several events over the past few weeks to introduce candidates and hear concerns of the citizens in Hoke County. We have been compiling a list of those things and here they are. Probably the number one thing we hear is about a New High School and the current leadership totally against it. Pools over Schools is one tag line we hear that they concentrate on Splash Pads and Swimming Pools over fixing schools or getting out of temporary buildings. TAXES vs FEE’s and Services. You know there are other ways they raise your taxes without actually “raising” your taxes? Utility Fee’s, Card Processing Fee’s, Property Assessments, Car Registrations, Solid Waste, Sales tax, Licensing, District Court Fee’s, Debit Card Transactions and Administrative Costs just to name a few.   TRASH ON THE ROADS, while this is not specifically a Hoke Leadership issue, local leaders have tremendous influence on other State Agencies like DOT where our local leaders did not fight to keep the maintenance portion of DOT in Hoke and lost it to Scotland County. Where in the pecking order is Hoke County when it comes to road cleanup, repair of broken roads, road maintenance? Old Buildings and or Orphan Roads and Development, we constantly hear that there seems to be no plan on how to clean up these old buildings and orphan roads. These are becoming a serious issue and that is a Planning Problem! Neighborhoods being built so rapidly, and certain considerations being given to one builder over another builder. Neighborhoods being flooded out to where there is no access or limited access. Gambling places popping up everywhere. County buildings and contracts going to same organizations over and over. No plan on neighborhoods with wild animals and large amounts of chickens and fighting roosters allowed in neighborhoods. The system of Surplus Property favoritism. Keeping certain properties “off the books” or out of public site for certain people. Hiring practices of county department heads and or senior positions. People getting hired based on who they know or who they are related to not what the best experience is. The courthouse is discussed a lot and how it has become in such bad shape and why has no priority been on it until someone high up in the system brought it up. Local leaders talk about raising the minimum wage for county employees to $15 an hour but have little to say how they will pay for it in the long run. Education spending and if it is being used properly or are the administrative costs severely high. Register of Deeds office not fully online and neither is the courthouse documents. Infrastructure issues like Water and Sewer being accessible and business having to build with septic tanks not a sewer system. Lack of concern when issues are brought to the attention of county leaders and the other one was county employee’s poor customer service when it comes to citizen interaction.  These are just a few that we have heard over the last several weeks. DO YOU HAVE ISSUES that concern you with Hoke County government?

Hal Nunn

Hoke GOP Chair