Hoke GOP Blast July 14, 2021

FIRST, a reminder we have a meeting Thursday July 15 at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport 7pm.

SECOND, three people spoke at the Hoke County School Board meeting Tuesday July 13 and they were, Diamond and Silk, Hal Nunn and Sev Palacios. The school board was very welcoming and even suspended their rule that you have to sign up the day prior to speak so that those in the audience, IF DESIRED” could sign up to speak. Those videos are now posted on YouTube at these links! TODAY, the NC Senate brought up for discussion HB 324 which the house has already passed to ban CRT (Critical Race Theory) in NC Public Schools. The senate plans to bring up this info. Our Facebook Page: Hoke County GOP has that discussion posted form the Conservative Coalition of NC. The video links from last night are here !

Diamond and Silk: https://youtu.be/ZmMsSamT8ro

Hal Nunn: https://youtu.be/aI0q0a_5p90

Sev Palacios: https://youtu.be/Q-BvMDwGuZs



Facebook: Hoke County GOP