PORK AND POLITICS was a huge success ! If you missed it, don’t miss Coffee with Conservatives Thursday Oct 25, 2018 from 4-7 pm at Something’s Brewing Coffee Shop on hwy 401 by Floors To Go! 7104 Fayetteville Rd Raeford. We had over 40 people last night and we must thank Joe and Kenny for preparing the food and Tim for helping set it up and Pat at PK’s for allowing us to come. We heard from several candidates and got to hear about Voter Integrity from Vote Checker Jay DeLancy. THIS ELECTION IS IMPORTANT….Do you want Liberal Judges ?? if so, continue doing nothing.  (Pic Attached)

DAY2 NUMBERS: out of 52,000 people in Hoke only 1,230 have voted after day 2. Numbers were down yesterday but to date 795 Dems have voted and 204 Repub. Obviously there is more Dems in hoke than Repub but Unaffiliated Voters make up a LOT of conservative voters and they came out to 228 total for two days. Some of those Democrats are also conservative voters in Hoke so let’s keep it up and tell as many folks as possible. WE CAN DO BETTER !     Repub/Dem/Una they all matters ! Let’s DO THIS !

DOOR KNOCKING: Ron Hartman has graciously agreed to help with our door knocking and that will start Saturday morning Oct 20 at 9:00 a.m. and anyone who can help is appreciated. Meet up at the Headquarters Downtown 120 W. Edinborough Avenue Raeford and Ron will make sure y’all are done quickly and we hit a few neighborhoods. If you have never door knocked, it’s fun and you get to meet people.

POLLWORKERS: We have had a couple people helping with that and still need more. If you can handle and hour or two any day during peak hours that would be great. THEN AGAIN on election day with 15 polls to try and cover.

DONATIONS: I know your tired of hearing folks ask for donations but, if we are going to push through the democrat wall in Hoke County, we need some help. $25, $100, $1,000…..anything is appreciated.

ONLINE DONATION LINK: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=M3JJNNGZKFGS2

OCT 30 at Rockfish Church: Longleaf Pine Realtors Commissioner Candidate Forum 5:30 p.m – 7:30 p.m. COME HEAR from Candidates and Commissioners about issues affecting our real estate properties, schools and other areas. OPEN TO ANYONE!

ABSENTEE BALLOTS: Got someone out of town or don’t want to fight the crazies at the polls? We have until October 30 to request an Absentee Ballot and it is attached.

I said last night, we’re not just in this battle for this election but we are in it for 2020 too ! EVERYONE KNOWS the crazy, unhinged left and their mob tactics are not what this country is about. They want to have Open Borders ( look at the caravan coming this way this week ) and we need to support each other and President Trump in stopping it!

Hoke County has two Early Voting One Stop Polling places and they are at the Rockfish Community Building 2749 Lindsay Rd Raeford, NC 28376 in the Rockfish Community and the Hoke County Board of Elections building at 227 N. Main St Raeford NC 28376 downtown. ENDS Oct 3.

Election Day is November 6 and Hoke County has 15 polling places open that day.

VOTER FRAUD if you see it, take a pic or video it and report it 1-877-628-6837

VOTE GOP this November and help Make Hoke Better, Keep Super Majority in NC and Keep America Great !

Hal Nunn

www.hokegop.com  and blog www.savehoke.com