Hoke County GOP will hold a Meet and Greet Thursday August 20 at Rockfish Creek Winery, Stonegate Village Shopping Center, 223 Flagstone Lane, Raeford NC 28376 from 5:30 pm till 8 pm. Light snacks will be provided. Rockfish Creek Winery is a revitalization of many generations of wine making and the Rulli’s from Raeford, NC made their first batch of wine in 2002 less than a mile from their home off Rockfish Creek in Hoke County. Come out and meet some of the local candidates and pick up campaign materials from many others including President Trump and soon to be Governor Dan Forest. 


Has anyone said, this election is the most important in our lifetime (yes, we hear it all the time but just look at where the Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Communist Left want to take us) and look at who wants to Defund Our Law Enforcement, Tear Down our Monuments, Burn Buildings, Bibles and Flags. We CANNOT allow these folks to oversee our government. I know you have said it, but I’ll say it again, “I don’t know how anyone can be a democrat these days”.  #DitchAndSwitch #WalkAway #BLEXIT and now #MassDefection from the democrat party. IN HOKE, Republican registrations have gone UP, Unaffiliated gone UP, Democrats gone DOWN. Don’t ask us, call the local board of elections and ask yourself 910-875-9062.


Stop arguing about it on Social Media and get involved in Protecting America! (you know that’s what they want you to do because it does nothing to increase voter turnout) Join a local group that is trying to DEFEND AMERICAN VALUES, Protect Law and Order, End Abortion, Protect Free Speech and the 2nd Amendment not tear them down. Help these groups Register and Reach Voters NOW before it is too late. (Did you know that 65/70% of votes will be cast before election day?) Work A Poll, Become an Observer, Paid & Volunteer. Help a Local Campaign Reach People. Paid and Volunteer. Donate to a Local Campaign or Group so they can Reach People. Help make phone calls or knock on doors. Help collect contacts to keep people informed.


that in our county there will be 25 races on the ballot? (Do you know any of them other than President and Governor?) An informed voter is a PATRIOT VOTER and we need some Patriots to Step UP! PART TIME and possible FULL TIME positions available with Campaigns and working Polls! Paid and Volunteer. We are looking for young people to young adults to fill these positions, if you know someone who would like to work with us, have them contact


is not ALL MAIL IN BALLOTING!!! Do not get it confused. Absentee Balloting is where you are already registered to vote and REQUEST an Absentee Ballot ( Which we have attached to this email ). ALL YOU have to do is print it out, fill it out and mail or deliver to Hoke County Board of Elections 227 N. Main St Raeford, NC 28376 or PO BOX 1565 Raeford NC 28376. The local Board of Elections will receive it and when ballots are ready to be sent, they will mail you a ballot and an envelope to mail it back in. THIS WILL SAVE YOU from having to leave your house to vote or allow you to vote if you happen to be out of town. IT’S SAFE and secure! WE DO NOT WANT all mail in balloting. It’s too late in the game, it will overwhelm the already stressed Post Office and you have seen all the Dead People and Animals receiving Voter Registration info. THAT’s CRAZY!! REQUEST an Absentee Ballot here>


if you or your family and friends are NOT REGISTERED go here and register NOW !!! Then you can request an Absentee Ballot or be ready to EARLY VOTE !! We need people to help work polls during Early Voting and on Election Day !


we will be holding a #BackTheBlue #PrayForAmerica #FeedTheFolks event in Hoke County ( location to be announced ) from 4 pm till 8 pm. WE STAND with our Law Enforcement, WE PRAY for our President and elected officials and we’ll be giving away FREE HOT DOGS while supplies last and collecting non-perishable food for local food banks. We’ll have some guest speakers and plenty of Voter Registration and Campaign Materials. MARK YOU CALENDAR!

SOON we will have a Recommended Voter List 

of ALL the race for 2020 from president down to School Board. We want to make sure that EVERYONE knows the candidates that we feel will best defend these American Values.

JOIN OUR EMAIL list by sending an email to


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