FROM; Our Friends in Moore County– Independent analysis assigns new history standards an ‘F’ to NC Public Schools controversial social studies standards. A new report from the Fordham Institute argues that North Carolina’s controversial social studies standards flunk the test on history and civics, ranking worst in the Southeast. In an interview with Carolina Journal, N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt emphasized the Fordham report shows the structural weaknesses of the new standards and should throw up a cautionary flag for education policy makers. “Our standards are so overbroad, so vague, and so absent of chronology as a historical concept that they are all but useless to educators,” Truitt told CJ. Truitt said Fordham’s report does not wade into the politics behind the standards — it solely focuses on more structural factors, such as quality and usability. Read more>…/20210623-state-state…(Source: