Clarence Henderson a Constitutional Conservative was in the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement at the Woolworth Lunch Counter Sit-In Greensboro 1960 and President of the Frederick Douglas Foundation of NC (know your history)
Miguel Filpo a retired Sergeant Major, First Generation American, Combat Wounded Christian Conservative from the Dominican Republic. In Iraq 2008 was injured when a House IED exploded killing three of his men and severely injuring himself. We need to get back to God and Jesus in this Country!
Mark Robinson was at the Greensboro City Council Meeting in 2018 when he felt called to speak up about the blame going on by the left on shootings and them trying to blame the gun and not the shooter. His “I am the Majority” speech went viral and he too spoke about getting back to God and Country first.

Hoke GOP Brief November 21, 2019

TRUMP COUNTRY 2020 HOKE was a huge success! THANK YOU VERY MUCH everyone who played a role in helping put this event together. We had 117 people from 7 different nationalities at this event and the guest speakers were AMAZING and the food was AMAZING! Thanks David Hensley, Betty and Krissy and Something’s Brewing Coffee Shop, Hwy 55 Burger Shakes and Fries, Spur of the Moment band and Rockfish Creek Winery. Of course, Brownie’s Towing, Rockfish Uhaul, Rockfih Pack and Ship for letting us use the building. We will be sending out a press release today or tomorrow to all media outlets and posting the video’s of the guest speakers on our web site and Facebook page for the world to see. Facebook: Hoke County GOP.  We need someone to help with Social Media and start Twitter and Instagram for the party to help. We also need a secretary to help keep track. Obviously, we need folks to run for office like School Board, Commissioner, Soil and Water, Board of Elections, House of Representatives, Poll workers, Observers and we will win!

QUICK MEETING TONIGHT at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport, 6:30 pm to have an after-action review and to discuss our Christmas Party which we ant to have in downtown Raeford December 19. Please come if you can, it will be a quick one.

REGISTERING NEW VOTERS is crucial for us to win! A study recently came out that the population growth of North Carolina is 2.5% since 2016. We have to keep up with that growth and register new voters. President Trump got 7,750 votes in Hoke in 2016, he lost Hoke by 2,000 votes. We’ve got to register another 250 voters to keep pace and if he can get over 8,000 votes in Hoke which we believe he can, he’ll win Hoke. A newly registered Republican voter is 86% more likely to vote and on the other side, a newly elected Democrat is only 50%. WE CAN DO THIS! We have held two voter drives thus far in Hoke and registered 32 voters. We only need 200 more and we can do that. It’s DOABLE!! Tell your friends, family, co-workers how important this election is to Keep America Great and put American People First!! Tell Hoke County Democrats that they will have to fight harder than they have ever fought before to keep their stronghold on this county. Tell Democrats they will not continue to hold back NC like Governor Cooper has and we need to send him packing! Tell US Democrats that your party has gone of the deep end and stop this SHAM Impeachment and get back to doing the work of the American People ! WE ARE THE MAJORITY !! as Mark Robinson said. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!

REGISTER VOTERS HERE>     or ask your Democrat and Unaffiliated voters to change over to WIN RED !