Praise GOD for the Greatest Country on the Planet Earth and BIG SHOUT OUT to our Mexican friends on Cinco de Mayo yesterday! There’s a place in Phoenix called “Chino Bandido” we like to go to that is a blend of Chinese-Mexican Take Out! LOOK IT UP!! LEGENDARY!!!

Why does it always seem that trouble is only coming from ONE SIDE? To this day I still don’t understand it, but we at HOKE GOP guarantee you it will not come from US! Our folks are courteous, polite, and want FREE and FAIR Elections, but in the past and recently, there seem to be some major problems out there! Look at our folks and do your homework! We have New Ideas, New Directions with New Leaders of all ages, races, and nationalities! Just look around!


GOP News

Everyone GO VOTE!!

Learned this week that everyone “outside” of politics seems to know exactly what to do “inside” politics! No matter what you believe, EVERYONE SHOULD VOTE!!! In Hoke County, we have approximately 53,000 people of which roughly 32,000 are registered voters, and as of yesterday May 5 (after 7 days of voting), we only have about 1,000 people voting.  In simpler terms…….

People: 53,000

Registered To Vote: 32,000

Voted in a week: 1,000

——- NOT GOOD ————– WE CAN DO BETTER ———————-

We have until May 14 to EARLY VOTE, Register (yes you can register during early voting) to Vote, and SWITCH to Republican!! 

If you are Unaffiliated, Request a Republican Ballot, and PLEASE VOTE! (Sample Ballot Attached)

Reporting Issues at the Polls

There is a Procedure if you see something that seems wrong, out of line, or is not legal, the person who witnesses it needs to report it! If you feel harassed, intimidated, or threatened in any way, GET A HOLD OF US, and we will show you how to report it! (No, seeing something and telling us is not reporting it. You must file a report, and it can be done through email or online) ASK US ! 

Rockfish Candidate Meet & Greet

The Rockfish Community Volunteer Board hosted a fantastic candidate Meet & Greet Tuesday, May 3. It was a great opportunity to meet the candidates, see what they stand for, and compare how they all stack up to each other.

Click here to watch the replay.

Mark Walker Visits FBC of Raeford

It was great to listen to Mark Walker, candidate for US Senate, delivering the message at First Baptist Church of Raeford. We had lots of people in attendance, even people from out of town who came just to hear him speak!

Click here to watch his message.

NC 9th District Convention

NC GOP 9th District Convention was Saturday, April 30 in Moore County. Lots of things moving and shaking in the GOP!

We Need Volunteers

Just like the other side, we need volunteers to help Observe, Work the Polls, Pass out INFO, and Put Out Signs, knock on doors, register people to vote, etc, etc, etc. Lots to do! But we can’t do it without you! Teamwork makes the dream work.

Election Day May 17 (All 15 Precincts Will be Open) and WE NEED OBSERVERS! Observers are inside the polling room OBSERVING but also asking/reporting on what they see and hear!

Did I say we need Observers? Please, if you can spare an hour or two or four, get hold of us! 

If you would like to help pass out info at a POLL on Election Day, let us know!

ELECTION INTEGRITY TEAM; RNC, NCGOP, 9th District and Hoke GOP ALL HAVE Election Integrity teams! If you would like to help on those teams now and moving into November, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

We have an EXCELLENT OUTREACH COORDINATOR/Strategic Planner in Jeremiah Goodpaster, and you can email us or him on ways to help!

Donations Needed!

It takes money to host events, and we need your support! Please donate to Hoke GOP by check or PayPal at If writing a check, please write to Hoke County GOP and mail it to 140 Chapel Hill Drive Raeford, NC 28376. 

Currently, PayPal is our only online donation source!

Upcoming Events

Community Fish Fry

Get out and vote, meet the candidates, and enjoy lunch with us! 

Our last fish fry was such a success that we have decided to do another! Join us Saturday, May 14 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Rockfish Community Park for a fish plate or fish sandwich with baked beans and slaw.

Click here for more information.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Lunch

In celebration of Law Enforcement Appreciation Week, we will be providing our Hoke County LEOs and their families with a FREE LUNCH. MondayMay 16, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Highway 55 on Laurinburg Rd in Raeford.

Click here for more information.

NC GOP State Convention

NC GOP STATE CONVENTION is May 20-22 in Greensboro.

Click here to register.

Hoke & Scotland Animal Welfare Team Meeting

On Tuesday, May 24, come out to Something’s Brewing Coffee Shop, 7104 Fayetteville Rd, Raeford, from 4:30 – 6 p.m., for the best coffee in Hoke County and a discussion about helping animals. We will be working with elected officials, law enforcement, and candidates for office to start solving the animal abuse problems in our community.

For more information, or to RSVP, contact Melissa Swarbrick at 910-603-1701 or

Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendars now, so you don’t miss out on community events and what’s happening in the party. You can also view our full calendar on Save Hoke.

  • Now – May 14 – Primary Early Voting
  • May 12 – Executive Board Meeting 6 p.m. @ PK Grill
  • May 14 – Community Fish Fry 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. @ 
  • May 17 – NC Republican Primary
  • May 16 – Police Appreciation Lunch 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. @ Highway 55
  • May 19 – Monthly GOP Meeting 7 p.m. @ PK Grill
  • May 19 – 22 – State Convention
  • May 24 – Hoke & Scotland Animal Welfare Team 4:30 – 6 p.m. @ Something’s Brewing