Hoke GOP Brief March 5, 2021 (Long But Worth it)

  First, we would like to congratulate Emily Vaughn Weidner for becoming the first Republican woman elected to the Hoke County Board of Elections. Emily has been an Election Day Precinct Judge, Chief Judge, and One-Stop Site Worker for many years in Hoke. We want to invite everyone to attend the swearing-in ceremony at the Hoke County Board of Election Meeting on March 9, 2021, at 5:30 pm, located in the County Building, downtown Raeford (227 N. Main St Raeford). We will also thank John Harry for his many years of board service at that time.

  Convention:  We will hold our Annual Convention Thursday, March 18, 2021, beginning at 6:00 pm at Wilburn Lofts Meeting and Event Center downtown Raeford, 114 N. Main St Raeford, NC 28376. 

  Registration and Check-In begin at 6:00 pm.

  Precinct Meetings at 6:15 pm

  Dinner at 6:30 pm (we are asking for donations to help with the meal)

7:00 pm Convention meets with Keynote Speaker U.S. Congressman for the 9th District, Dan Bishop.

(more guest speakers to be announced)

  Many unaffiliated/independent voters have been asking if they can attend the Republican Convention. Yes, they can as a guest of a registered Republican. Pre-registration for the Convention is required using the following link: (shareable)


  This year we will be electing new executive positions (chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer) and Precinct Captains and Delegates to the District and State Conventions.

You must attend your county convention to be eligible to take part in the District and State Convention.                  For more info, you can email us at hokegop@gmail.com, visit our websites www.hokegop.comwww.savehoke.net, or our Facebook Page: Hoke County GOP. 

VIRTUAL OPTION; we may develop a Virtual Option. If you are interested in Virtual, you still must register but please email us or message us at least two days prior so we can set that up! hokegop@gmail.com

   Hoke GOP Plan:  If you read last week’s The News-Journal, they asked each chair from the Republican and Democrat parties to lay out their plans and discuss the projects they are working on.  If you did not see it, I have attached an image.  WE NEED people to step up and run for School Board and other elected.

   GET OFF BROADCAST NEWS and, in some cases, Cable News!

  They are not telling you specific information, and YOU’LL FEEL BETTER with all the info!! Local newspapers are not telling you everything, only what they want you to know. 

Here are some recommended alternative media sources:

North State Journal, 

Carolina Journal

One News Now

American Family Radio

Daily Haymaker

John Locke Foundation

NC Civitas


Epoch Times

OANN News,

Hoke Media Group and others are coming.

  We are developing a new media source for Hoke County. If you would like to participate as a writer, reporter, investor, or just someone who needs journalism/business experience for college or other endeavors, let us know.

  GET OFF Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Yahoo; they are suppressing information. We’ve started our migration to Rumble, Parler, Clouthub, and MeWe; follow us on those sites for all the latest conversations. 

  Find other conservative commentators to learn above the issues from a Conservative perspective and follow them. I like Dan Bongino, Huckabee, Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Glenn Beck, and others (these, of course, are just suggestions).

  The MLK Breakfast with Clarence Henderson, the Frederick Douglass Foundation, and Douglas Leadership Institute was a huge success! We had 65 people attend, representing the spectrum of race and ideology. (LINK TO VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/WkAcXSNCr4w ) 

  Coming together, THIS IS HOW WE WIN!  Clarence and his team will return to Hoke county to assist us in community outreach and showing residents what the Republicans have to offer. We will need your help. 

  We need donations big and small to keep getting the message out. Donate online at: 

Donate (paypal.com)https://www.paypal.com/donate/? 

 Or you can mail a check: Hoke County Republican Party, 780 N. Horace Walters Rd, Raeford, NC 28376


  What are the County Commissioners, School Board, Health Board, Planning Board, Board of Elections, Sheriff Department, Police Department, Parks and Recreation, and City Council doing in addition to actions in Raleigh and Washington? 

  In Raleigh, we are trying to get the schools back open to their total capacity. Senator Ben Clark – Hoke County was the primary sponsor of the bill. It passed with a non-partisan majority and then sent to Governor Cooper, where he vetoed it. When the Senate voted to override the veto, Senator Clark was ABSENT and did not vote, leading to the override vote failure. HOW DO YOU not show up for a vote on a bill when you are the primary sponsor? POLITICS OVER PARENTS and KIDS, plain and simple!


  Hopefully, you saw our great Lt Governor Mark Robinson speak up after the state school board tried to carry a vote when he was out of town (well, he came back to vote). At the same time, a WRAL Cartoonist depicted him as a KKK member in an editorial. Because democrats control the school board, Social Study Standards passed with opposition. They are trying to indoctrinate kids into believing America is evil and racist and that Critical Race Theory should be part of the curriculum. Election integrity is crucial and the economy, schools, and courts.

  Washington seems to get all the coverage of crazy left-wing socialist ideas that we must fight against and engage in the process.

  HR1 (For the People Bill is more like For the Politicians Bill). They are trying to Federalize elections through no fault Absentee voting with no signature verification while forcing States to take absentee ballots up to 10 days after the election. The bill allows 3rd party vote harvesting, abolishes election integrity, strips power from State Legislators on election processes, enables the Federal Government to redraw district maps, changes the Federal Election Commission to a partisan entity, and allows Federal employees to work voting polls. THIS LIST IS NOT ALL the changes to state election law and is WRONG FOR AMERICA!

  The EQUALITY ACT is not equality at all, especially for women and churches. This bill will Amend Civil Rights laws, eliminate the definition of Biological sex, and add Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to protected status under Civil Rights law. This bill gives the LGBTQ special protections, including housing, loans, education, and public places like schools, churches, and hospitals. Religious and faith-based adoption agencies that place babies with a Mother and Father can be discriminated against for their faith. PRIVATE SCHOOLS will have to hire staff who would violate the school’s beliefs and norms and force churches to hire staff that does not believe in their faith. 

CALL YOUR SENATORS Burr and Tillis and WV Joe Manchin because he sometimes has a level head and votes Conservative. 

  Burr 202-224-3154

  Tillis 202-224-6342

  Manchin 202-224-3954

  Franklin Graham says, “It’s a threat to life as we know it”! Democrats say “it corrects a patchwork of state laws,” but in effect, it takes the law out of the hands of state Legislatures and places it in the central government. 

  Churches may have to host services against their beliefs; IT DESTROYS WOMEN SPORTS by banning laws that prevent biological men from competing against women and girls. 

  CALL YOUR SENATORS Burr and Tillis and WV Joe Manchin because he sometimes has a level head and votes Conservative. 

  Burr 202-224-3154

  Tillis 202-224-6342

  Manchin 202-224-3954

  BIDEN’s AMNESTY BILL will give amnesty to 11 million (likely 22 million or more) illegals, even those previously deported. It will allow employers to keep illegals on their payroll, allow government to accept school and state ID (but no voter ID), end penalty for visa overstays, and take jobs from Americans who are just now coming off a year-long shutdown with no pay and no jobs.

  GUN CONFISCATION…. yup, GET READY for them to TRY and take our guns…. that is coming, and if so, it would be unconstitutional!

  COVID RELIEF BILL does not have much relief except for BIG PORK!!!

  Only 9% of the bill goes to COVID RELIEF! The rest goes to PORK and FAVORS! This bill is more radical than Clinton’s eight years and Obama’s eight years in one piece of Legislation!


  From Dr. Suess to Mr. Potato Head, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Bens, Justice Clarence Thomas Book, Jeep Cherokee, Atlanta Braves, this stuff is out of control.

Obviously, the democrats are trying to flood the zone with a wish list of socialist agenda garbage; they know in 2022, Republicans will win the House, win the Senate and in two years, take back the White House and probably a few more states.

  PLEASE, engage in the process, get in the game, help defend Hoke, North Carolina, and these United States of America! GET INVOLVED LOCALLY! Do not sit this one out.

Hal Nunn

Hoke GOP Chair

Email; hokegop@gmail.com