Hoke GOP Brief December 4, 2020


Hoke County Republicans are helping a newly formed organization with a Holiday Drive for families of Hoke County Schools. The Hoke County Collaborative for Children is a newly formed organization of individuals and businesses that have a vested interest in the children of Hoke County and their families. This holiday season as part of their second annual holiday drive they are adopting a family from each of the 8 elementary schools located in Hoke County and providing them with a care package. Their 8 identified families are experiencing loss of a primary care giver, loss of income and medical issues. They have more than 26 children they need to collect for, and they need our help! Their needs include toys, toiletries, hats, gloves, socks, and gift cards for purchasing food. We have identified local business that have been gracious enough to be drop off points for these items and they are Brock Realty, Re-Imagined Rockfish, Fit4Life Raeford, Home Food Market, Quick Pack and Ship across from East Hoke Middle, Carolinas Dentist, Something’s Brewing Coffee Shop, Sun Path Inc and PK’s Grill Raeford Airport. We will round up all donations December 11 and make sure they get to the folks with HCCC.


The Hoke County Republican Party is having a Christmas Party December 17, 2020 at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport from 7-9pm. It can be a drop in Christmas party or stay for the whole thing. We ask that you bring a Christmas Toy or Grocery Store gift card to be donated to the Hoke County Collaborative for Children and we’ll make sure they get it to a needy family. Food and drinks will be on your own but we’ll celebrate the holidays with desserts. ( If you an make a dessert for that night, let us know ). At the end of this crazy year and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ ( which is the real meaning of Christmas ) we must all come together and start preparing for 2022 and 2024 elections as you can see how important becoming involved is and will be moving forward.


There has been some discussion among our folks of starting a new media source for Hoke County over the years and considering this discussion we are forming of group of folks who can help with that process. From technology and web site design to reporting and advertising, we are seeking folks within our group who may want to be involved or know someone who would like to be involved. We have all seen how the media can be, let us say “tilted” however, nothing says we cannot be the media. There are many news media outlets who “get it right” and we can put folks in touch with those sources and develop a plan. If you are interest, let us know.


The evidence is slowly coming out that there is and has been Voter Fraud and severe Irregularities in key spots of the country however, time is of the essence in this case and NO ONE actually knows how it’s going to go. We do know that in NC for the Chief Justice Race of the Supreme Court, Paul Newby beat Cheri Beasley and after a recount he gained more votes and now Beasley has requested a hand to eye recount. Let me ask, where is all the media telling Beasley it is over like they have been telling President Trump??? SEE WHAT I MEAN. Here locally, how do we know more about what’s going on in Washington or Raleigh and have no clue what’s going on in Hoke? We need people to either attend board meetings or review minutes and or video’s and stay on top of the issues that will help keep elected officials in check. There will be a City of Raeford election coming up as well as School Board and we need folks to sign up to run for those races as well. We can do it and we can make a difference so let’s get to work now so that we can!

Merry Christmas Everyone and please stay safe out their and keep an eye on one another!



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