Hoke County Sheriff

Stevie Joe

I grew up in a community just like this, and I have lived in Hoke County for 22 years. I too am concerned about the crime rate, and I have the skills to do something about it.

I have been a leader ever since I was a hall monitor in the third grade. I served in the US Army. I am a retired State Trooper and a retired Police Officer. I have over 30 years of experience in law enforcement to include managing officers and running a security business.

My first goal as Hoke County Sheriff is to improve public safety. I will bolster the security of soft targets (like schools and churches), curb neighborhood break-ins, and work with Hoke County Commissioners to create ordinances and regulations for animal welfare.

But we can’t do all of this without more officers. This is why my second goal is to improve the recruitment and retention of officers. I will have a position dedicated to recruitment, raise the officer training standards, and incentivize officers to attend advanced training and seek higher education.

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Hoke county Commissioner

Christopher Holland

I was born and raised in a rural farming community in South Florida. I joined the Army at 18 and served 25 years retiring as a First Sergeant. I have extensive leadership and management experience and will bring that knowledge to work for the residents of Hoke County.

My priority as County Commissioner is to support the building of a Public Charter School in Hoke County. With the increased educational success, Hoke County will attract the Industries and Manufacturing needed to provide career opportunities instead of the hourly jobs provided by service industries. Increasing the prevalence of industry and manufacturing employment will increase our tax revenue’s diversity and value, enabling us to keep individual taxes low while providing a high-quality life for our residents.

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Johnny Boyles

I have a background in farming, as a first responder, real estate, and as a business owner.

I have three priorities. Number one is to lower taxes. Number two is to form a commission to report ideas to make Hoke County a better place for our families to live. Number three is a combination of having a very safe county and to make sure we have the best education for our future generation.

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David Frump

I have a background in Urban Planning and spent 25 Years in the US Navy in a wide range of senior leadership positions.

After retiring as a Commander, I spent three years in Washington D.C. briefing senators, representatives and senior military leaders in defense procurement matters. I have established and operated a construction business and now operate a small farm in West Hoke County.

Public service is not everyone’s calling but it is mine. I think the county needs new blood with vision and the ability to see that vision to reality through long-range planning and timely action.  With the current booming housing growth, we need someone who can forecast the real needs of the county now and in the long term without wasting money on frivolous spending. We need “bang for every buck” and that can only be done with proper long-range planning.

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Hoke county Board of Education

Ruben Castellon

I am a husband and father of 2 school-aged children. I am a current college educator, US Army retired, and have 15 years of law enforcement experience.

My Pledge to the Hoke County Parents, Students, and others:

  1. Institute communication with parents, students, and teachers.
  2. Include stakeholders such as parents, students, and teachers in the fiscal process to provide transparency back into the school district.
  3. Defeat any future unconstitutional mandates forced into our school district.
  4. Represent the will of the parents who value parental rights and choice.
  5. Vote on subjects based on scientific facts and not political ideologies. This includes defeating any CRT curriculum in the school district.
  6. Implement research committees to conduct research to increase student readiness for college, career, and life in general.
  7. Allow parents back in the classroom during school hours.
  8. Revise Hoke County Parent and Family Engagement Policies to encourage parents to be more active stakeholders in their children’s education.
  9. School Security Transparency.

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Judicial Candidates

District Court Judge, 19D Moore and Hoke Counties Seat 2

Beth Tanner

For the past five years I have been in leadership positions with a criminal justice agency for the State of NC. I have been an attorney for 15 years, and I have practiced in criminal and civil court. I have experience in both state and federal court and in appeals.

I am a constitutional conservative that believes the courts follow the laws and the constitutions as written.

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Warren McSweeny

I grew up in Greer, South Carolina and received my undergraduate degree at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC and received my law degree from Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC.

I have spent over 17 years as an Assistant District Attorney in Moore County. I have also spent time prosecuting in Randolph, Montgomery, Davidson and Davie Counties. I have prosecuted thousands of cases ranging from speeding cases to death penalty murder cases.

I approach my position as a District Court Judge with the expectation that all persons that come before me regardless of race, income, or any other factor would be treated with the upmost respect and fairness. I demand all persons act professional while in my courtroom and those that appear in front of me. I strive to ensure that compassion and common sense handling are incorporated into the rulings and application of the law.

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NC House District 48 Candidate

Melissa Swarbrick

I am a Christian who was born and raised in North Carolina. I have a long history of community service, civic engagement, and entrepreneurship. Over the past two decades, I have served on numerous boards and government committees, while also voluntarily advocating for animal welfare across the state. I have a BS from UNC-Pembroke and an MPA from UNC-Chapel Hill.

  1. Education- our public schools are in trouble. Our legislators continue to invest more and more money into the schools, but student achievement still declines. I want to focus on student achievement, academic rigor vs. social-emotional learning, school choice, parent’s rights, and fighting against any type of critical race theory and violations of our children’s dignity.
  2. Animal Welfare- I will fight to bring safety and security to animals living in District 48 through stricter laws and ordinances, teaching pet responsibility in the elementary schools, and working with law enforcement and the justice system to punish offenders. I will also advocate for mandatory spay/neuter laws.
  3. Digital Divide- many people in District 48, especially those living in poverty, do not have access to the Internet. Children and those working from home will only suffer more if we do not fix this problem. I will work with our state legislators to ensure everyone has access.
  4. Police and safety- Crime has increased dramatically in our community, and we need to work with law enforcement to ensure our safety. I will never vote on any bill that defunds our police or puts our citizens at risk. Quality of life and place is vital to a thriving community.

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NC Senate Candidate

Danny E. Britt, Jr

I was born in Robeson County to a mother who is a retired textile worker and to a father who was a state employee. I grew up spending my summers in tobacco fields, where I learned how to work hard and make a living.

I enlisted in the NC Army National Guard after high school and went on to play football at Appalachian State University. After college, I got a law degree and came back to Robeson County to work in a small law office. I later became a prosecutor in the Robeson County District Attorney’s Office.

  1. I believe in building an economy for all of North Carolina. I believe in getting the government out of small businesses’ way, promoting economic growth and creating jobs for rural North Carolina.
  2. I understand that children are our state’s most valuable assets. This is why I have supported common-sense improvements in our education system, aiming to eliminate arbitrary policies put in place by Democrats that had left rural North Carolina schools behind.
  3. One of the biggest reasons that I ran for office is the continuing struggle facing rural North Carolina economies. I have sponsored and fought for policies that change the county tier systems and the Job Development Incentive Grant to assist rural communities in attracting and retaining businesses of all sizes.

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