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The Hoke County Republican Party started this blog to raise awareness on past and current issues that affect the citizens and taxpayers of this county.

Based on facts and research from public records, the topics listed and or discussed here have been collected and submitted by the Hoke County Republican Party members or the general public. In many circumstances the topics in the blog end up coming from questions by citizens.

Since Hoke County’s beginning in 1911, a Republican has never been elected in any Hoke County leadership role except by Judge Michael Stone in 2016 (District 16A) and the unaffiliated race for Raeford City Council by Charles Allen whom is currently serving his 2nd term. US Congressman Richard Hudson Represents the NC 8th District in the U.S. Congress and in his second term however locally, none elected to county government.

Hoke County Republican’s feel that representation and the overwhelming need for a Brighter Future for Hoke County, will help bring a broader spectrum of ideas which sometimes falls on deaf ears. If anyone has detailed fact-based answers or differences, please submit for the topics of discussion on the blog.

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