As reported in The News-Journal June 6, 2018, our Hoke County Register of Deeds has been on medical leave since January. Who has been signing all the deeds in her absence? When was the person appointed as Deputy register of Deeds ? Why are we just now finding out about it ? Was it really since January because word on the street says it was in November 2017. Did the Register of Deeds give notification to the county of this absence ? There are way too many questions about this issue floating around and way too many questions about other actions in this county that are not being answered. Democrats have been running Hoke County since it’s beginning. Sometimes the local newspaper does not publish ALL ISSUES regarding Hoke County. We hope that will help answer some of these questions and raise new questions about current and ongoing leadership in Hoke County. Please share our web site on social media and through your email service and when November comes around for election time, make sure you VOTE Republican for a Better Direction for Hoke County ! Please LIKE and SHARE our Facebook Page Hoke County GOP !