A Century of Democrat Control and what has it gotten us? Let’s talk about the issues. $20 Million for a Swimming Pool ? Who could be against a swimming pool for the kiddies to play in ? Well we can look to one example of another Big Ticket item the new Splash Pad which is less than 2 years old. Look at the pics sent to us to make the public aware of the leadership running the county and parks and recreation. The matting is tearing up and unattended children are pulling, picking and destroying it even after County Employee was made aware of it and said, “I’ve told them to stop” Who will pay to replace it…..TAX PAYERS ! SEE PICS BELOW

AND THEY WANT to run a County Swimming Pool ? What percentage of the population will use a $20 Million Dollar Swimming Pool ? Maybe 1% of the population and would that be a good use of PUBLIC MONEY? Maybe some of that money could be better used with our Sheriff’s Department, Fire Departments, School Buses, Repair to Old Buildings, heck REMOVING some of these old burned out buildings and homes around the county that make the whole place look like a war zone. Maybe used to pick up some of the trash laying on the roads.

Let’s Talk About the GREAT Ethanol Plant! Did you know we even had one ? Man they spent a whole lot of money to get that thing off the ground and the tricksters came in got grants and federal money and took off an ran. Then the county GAVE THE 500 ACRES AWAY for the project. GAVE IT AWAY ! This was suppose to be this great Industrial Park that brought hundreds of jobs. JUST RIDE BY IT on Hwy 20.

GROUP HOMES; you know the county and state have rules set for group homes like being to close to each other and or in the same area. The county and the planning board approved one to be built (where it shouldn’t have been) and the private builder went on and started building but when the neighbors all came together, the county found out whoops, we’ve made a mistake. WHO PAYS FOR THE MISTAKE ?  The TAX PAYERS!

FLAGSTONE: you know the new shopping center on 401 that has NY Deli, Rockfish Pharmacy and other businesses? Where is the access road? DOT told them they needed to build the access road first before the building. Well the planning board and county approved them to continue to build and now businesses are closing because access is difficult. NOT TO MENTION the building is less than 2 years old and the roof leaks and mold is already forming inside one of the businesses. LEADERSHIP ! Who did they pick to build it ? METCON CONSTRUCTION close friends with one of the Democrat commissioners.

PROPERTY TAXES; Has anyone noticed their property taxes going up? Many citizens have filed complaints about Artificially Inflated Property Tax Rates. Well when you allow people to get away with not paying property tax or try and give it away as an incentive for business growth and the growth fails, they gotta make up the difference somewhere and who pays for it….THOSE WHO PAY and those who Don’t Fight the Inflated Property Taxes ! NOT TO MENTION according to one of the candidates for county commissioner, Sales and Use Tax Collection is DOWN ! How can that be when County Commissioners are always saying, “look we’re bringing more commercial in the county”.

AND would someone please explain how we went from almost being taken over by the state with 7% fund balance to a 42% fund balance ?

PLEASE; this November let’s try some new leadership! VOTE David Frump and Cliff Overby for County Commissioner !