WOW ! What a night! Never before has the winning party of the White House the election prior been able to hold onto as many seats as we did ! CONGRATS We control the White House and the US Senate.  NO BLUE WAVE but we heard more like a Purple Puddle with key wins in big races.

Republicans expand seats in US Senate

Democrats control US House, but we help Elect Congressman Richard Hudson again!  CONGRATS

Key wins in Governor Races (Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa and Georgia)

In NC we lost Super Majority BUT maintained seats in All Senate Races and added Mark Harris District 9. Republicans hold 10 of 13 seats.

NC Court of Appeals is 8-7 Republican and we lost the NC Supreme Court. Not so great.

NC Senate Republicans have 29 of 50 seats

NC HOUSE …..Republicans 66 Democrats 54

VETERAN’s Seem to be tired of it and are starting to get elected and that is a good thing!

WOMEN….We think that is a good thing that more Women are getting involved in the process ! CONGRATS

Locally in Hoke County Democrats who outnumber us 3-1 had to fight HARD to hang onto their seats on the Commission Board and School Board and we now have a system in place to combat that in 2020 which will surely be a wild and crazy election. We also have experience poll workers.

We’ve had more and more Volunteers and donations to help us make Hoke County Better and we will have a Christmas Party in December November 20, 2018 at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport 7pm to THANK EVERYONE and starts planning for 2020!  NO MEETING November 15 as we have been working hard.

Hoke County had 40% Turnout SO CONGRATS!! We had 13,328 votes from 33,112 registered voters. THAT’S GOOD but as you can see 60% of the registered voters did not even show up! THEY WILL IN 2020! So let’s get to work now to reach them!

AMENDMENTS: we won 4 of the 6 Amendments including Voter ID, Hunt and Fishing, Protections for Victims and keeping a cap on the Tax Rate 7%.

OTHER BIG WINNERS: Holding, Virginia Fox, Mark Walker, David Rouzer, Richard Hudson, Mark Meadows, Ted Budd, Jamie Boles, David Lewis.

PRECINCT CAPTAINS: we will re-vamp our Precinct Captains and clean house as some people have not been involved as much as we thought they would. If we want to elect our First Republican to the Hoke County Board of Commissioners or School Board, we’re going to have to work together to REACH VOTERS in key Precincts. IF YOU WANT TO BE a Precinct Captain, please let us know. WE ARE still seeking a new secretary so?

HEADQUARTERS CLEAN UP Thursday November 8 at 1:30 pm at 120 W Edinborough Ave Raeford (Beside Copy Wright and Behind Post office downtown).

SIGNS…PLEASE, if you see a Republican Sign, pick it up and get it to our Chairman Hal Nunn or drop off at Rockfish Pack and Ship or PK’s Grill Raeford Airport (ask for Joe or Tim).

TAKE AWAY from the President yesterday;

  1. Republican Vote much stronger than expected
  2. Republicans Defied History in Mid-Term
  3. 11 Rally’s he made, 9 won
  4. 2010 Obama lost 63 seats, 2018 we lost 23
  5. VOTERS Rebuked Democrats Handling of Kavanaugh case
  6. We are the Party OF: Low Tax, Low Regulations, Low Crime, Strong Borders, Great Judges, Country Booming on Every level, Steel is Back, Aluminum Better, Miners Working, Protect Military, Support Law Enforcement, We want Beautiful Clean Air and Water and clean Environment, Jobs and Factories Competitive Again, Lower Drug Prices, Supports Veterans, Stop the Caravan (Enter our Country Legally), Employment UP, Unemployment DOWN, 1 Vote away from Repeal Replace Obamacare, Stop Leaks, Pro-Life, Support Rural America and the Farm Bill, God plays a Daily Roll in our work, Trade is much better, Country First-World Second.
  7. We did all this with Tremendous Liberal Financial help to the other side, Almost 100% Media Support of other side, Celebrities don’t really matter to the American people.
  8. DIVISION: who’s being divisive? Jim Acosta and others using race as a tool. It’s time to heal and work together and not be divisive. He’s willing to work with Democrats to get deals done and he’s a pretty good negotiator!


Let’s Build NOW for 2020 !

Hoke GOP