Next Meeting November 19 at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport 7pm


There’s A LOT going on in the state and nationally reference the election so stay tuned for that. Obviously, the issues with the Presidential race and in NC with the Chief Justice race and others. Republicans in Hoke County really stepped up like we have never seen before SO THANK YOU! We can do better and in my previous post I pointed out that about 2,800 Republicans did not vote. If they had, we would have swept all races in Hoke. Since 1911 Hoke County has been controlled by democrats and that grip is becoming loosened. Conservative Democrats here are starting to Walk Away from the party of their grandfathers and they see Republicans as more in line with what they believe in. THANK YOU and WE WELCOME EVERYONE! Republicans across the county, state and country added more and more of a diverse group to our ideas and beliefs of conservatism and smaller government. Democrats across the nation lost seats in the House and more Republicans were added to the House. Of course, we need to fight for that Georgia Senate race but we are in good shape for that. More minorities and women voted for Republicans than ever before because we AGREE on more than we disagree in this country. In the mid-west 1 of every 3 black voters backed Republican Candidates. If 2% more of Evangelical Voters turned out, we would have swept all races. We won 8 of 8 seats on the court’s races. This was the first time ever Republicans won the Early Vote. We had the MOST EVER Poll Workers and Observers in Hoke history. 40% of voters voted for Republican candidates. We elected our FIRST EVER black Lt Governor in Mark Robinson and he’s certainly not a democrat who is a friend of Hoke County and will be back soon. THAT’S HUGE!!! We will continue to fight here in Hoke and in North Carolina for conservative Republican beliefs and continue to bring ALL PEOPLE together to share our ideas and beliefs to the masses. Keep Moving Forward !!!


Obviously we have our Web Site; and our Blog Site We have our Facebook Page; Hoke County GOP and Email List ( send us an email ) to get on list. We now have someone helping us with a Parler Account and MeWe Account; HokeCountyGOP. We meet the 3rd Thursday of Every month at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport and for the time being will continue that. ALSO, there has been some interest in starting a Women’s Group so if you are interested in that, let us know and we will link you up. GOD BLESS EVERYONE and PRAY for our country.