Hoke GOP Feb 9, 2021

Hoke GOP met at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport to discuss the future of the party and issues and topics about the past election and upcoming elections. We had about 27 people attend and let’s say the conversation was “spirited” which in my opinion is good. Tons of ideas and ways to continue to grow the local party and create a new organization, the Patriot Party Caucus/PAC. Many folks are tired of “weak knee” politicians not standing up for our principles and values and they need to be called out and if necessary primary them and defeated locally, statewide, and nationally. Election Oversite is crucial moving forward and will be one of our top priorities. Holding leaders accountable for their actions and votes and then challenging them when necessary. Promote grass roots American conservatism, family values and support groups and events that bolster these values. Sometimes you must work outside the system and one of the ways is working with outside groups like the North Carolina Conservative Coalition, The Frederick Douglas Foundation, Faith and Freedom Foundation Coalition of NC and Caucuses or PACS that support Patriots. Also working hard to be inclusive to our party and recruit younger folks to be involved in the process who want to help secure those values and principals. Ways to do that would be to hold events and gatherings that the people want to support. Get out in the community and knock-on doors and go to where the people are. Work together with surrounding counties to create a larger network of likeminded Patriots. Stop some of the “crazy talk” on social media and getting down to action! Soon, we will be hearing what the Keep America Great Movement will be pushing for but in the meantime we should, HOLD THE LINE! No one at our level knows what is going to happen in the coming weeks or months but divided we fall, together we stand! The 1st and 2nd Amendments are under attack as well as the American Family and we need to “circle up” to protect those rights! We need to bring folks “into the fold” who want to help Save America! Let’s Roll!

NEXT MEETING February 18, 2021 at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport 7pm. Bring a friend.

CHICKEN SALE: The Hoke County GOP is helping sponsor a House of Raeford Truckload Chicken Sale which is done by PRE-ORDERING online and then all you do is drive up and pick up on the date of February 20 at Rockfish Uhaul/Flea Market, 2950 Lindsay Rd Raeford, NC 28376. You don’t even have to get out of your car. You can buy 40lb Boxes of Boneless Chicken, Chicken Wings, Jumbo Tenders, Boneless Thighs, Bone In Thighs and Jumbo Drumsticks. See attached flyer. WEB LINK: www.houseofraeford.store. Or call 910-284-3339.  We will be helping these organizations, Open Door Soup Kitchen and Rockfish Community Volunteer Board.

UNCOMMON RESOLVE by Constitutional Conservative Clarence Henderson and the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NC. MLK Breakfast for Faith and Community Leaders February 23, 2021 at Rockfish Church 9am. This is a FREE BREAKFAST however you must pre-register at the link below. Clarence Henderson is a Civil Rights icon who participated in the Woolworth’s Lunch Counter sit-in 1960 where he “sat down” to stand up against segregation. Today he continues that fight against the destruction of American Christian values and the traditional family. He has a unique approach on bringing people together from all races, backgrounds and equipping faith and community leaders to join the fight. Please sign up before February 19.  LINK https://www.eventbrite.com/e/140182025211

COUNTY PRECINCT MEETINGS and CONVENTION will take place March 18, 2021 however the location is still to be determined. Congressman Dan Bishop will be the keynote speakers as well as other special guests. In this convention we will elect new party officials, adopt, or change Plan of Organization, elect delegates to the district and state conventions and hold precinct meetings. REMINDER, to attend the district or state convention, you MUST attend your county convention. We will elect precinct chairs and go over precinct officials’ duties. We will recognize our Poll Workers, Observers and Judges/Chief Judges. Nominations will take place at the convention for all positions.

MEDIA OUTLET is something we have been talking about for a long time now and it seems it is going to happen. Major movements in the NC media landscape are happening and we want to be a part of those changes. If you are willing to participate as a writer, photographer, sales and marketing rep or become an investor, please let us know ASAP. We need LOCAL support on this as we understand that media is biased and only reports what they want.

SOCIAL MEDIA; we have and will be starting new social media pages and will need help managing them. Of course we have Facebook: Hoke County GOP, Parler when it comes back up-@HokeGOP, MeWe: @HokGOP Rumble: @BigHalNunn and Clouthub: @BigHal WEB SITE www.hokegop.com and www.savehoke.net and of course Email Lists. IT IS CRUCIAL that we stay connected as the Corporate Media and Big tech are silencing conservatives daily. Time for us to support those who support us and move away from those that do not. Hope to see you soon!

Hal Nunn

Hoke GOP Chair