We hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure do have A LOT to be thankful for! This is a long one with our Trump Country 2020 Rally info and video’s and info reference filing periods which are December 2 thru December 20. If you have ever thought of running for office, NOW IS THE TIME ! 2020 (Senate, NC House, Commissioner, School Board and more! Let’s DO THIS ! Also info from Raleigh and Washington Below!

YOU’RE INVITED: Hoke GOP SOCIAL December 19, 2019 at Wilburn Lofts downtown Raeford 6-9 pm! YOU MUST REGISTER for this great event on Eventbrite and Facebook: Hoke GOP. $10 per person and will include, Finger Foods, Drinks, Desserts, Music, Dancing and just good fun! Silent Auction (No Speakers it’s a social event to fellowship together) ANYONE can attend! REGISTER HERE! WILL FILL UP DEADLINE DEC 17> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hoke-gop-social-dec-19-wilburn-lofts-downtown-raeford-6-9-pm-tickets-83850849147

The Hoke County Republican Party held a Trump Country 2020 Red, White and Bluegrass BBQ November 17, 2019 at Rockfish Speedway and Fairgrounds in Hoke County in which 117 people attended from seven different nationalities. The point of the bbq was to inform citizens of the great things President Trump and his administration is doing for all Americans, despite the unnecessary amount of attacks and to enlighten all citizens of the goals of the Hoke County GOP. The event was sponsored by the Hoke County GOP and Mike Hardin for DA and invited all Republicans, Democrats and Unaffiliated voters who are like-minded and conservative thinking people who love America, North Carolina and Hoke County. The Hoke GOP platform is to help elect conservative Republicans in Hoke, North Carolina and the United States. We also discussed some philanthropy projects within our own community like starting a scholarship for a Hoke High or Sand Hoke Early College senior student who espouses the beliefs of Conservatism, Individual Responsibility, Free Speech, America First. We also will be supporting mini grants to organizations in the community that we feel are doing good work in the community.

The guest speakers included the Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party Michael Whatley and he spoke about District 9 and 3 races, lessons learned in those races, how important early voting is, council of state positions, we must win back the NC Supreme Court, maintain two Republican senators that represent North Carolina, how important the state of North Carolina is, registering new voters that are moving into the state, pushing our message out because we know the traditional media folks won’t. The Republican Party is the party of economic freedom, maintaining a strong military defense, for the sanctity of life and keeping America First by reelecting President Trump.

Former NC Senator and Retired Colonel Ron Rabin spoke about these things, it’s not about Democrats and Republicans, it’s Liberalist and Socialist vs Americans, the Democrats I grew up with are not the same as they were back then cause they have gone insane and so far to the left, I don’t want to see good young American warriors going down range and come back in a silver box because some dumbbell in Washington can’t make a decision, yes the United States has made some mistake but we learn from those mistakes and we fix them, we live in the greatest nation on earth and I believe the greatest state in the union but we are in a crisis mode. The liberals and progressives are feeding folks negative bologna on stale bread. Yes, Fox News has the largest listeners, but they are only reaching about 25% of the audience and ¾ of the news media is feeding nothing but negatives about our great president. I was the first public official in the state to endorse President Trump and this was before the primary. I felt he had the best plan for America First and he has the courage under fire to move forward with that plan by attacking our enemies both foreign and sadly, domestic. All elected officials take the oath of office to protect and defend the constitution, but some have abandoned that and gone straight to trying to get power instead of their oath. They should be impeached not our great president. God put us here for a reason and that is to win not give trophies to everyone participating and it’s a competitive world out there and we’re in that crisis. We are a nation of laws and equal justice, especially the newborn and some are not enforcing the laws and are only for equal justice for some not all. We’ve got a bunch of people breaking the law to impeach a president abiding by the laws and they should be impeached. We have a governor who ignores illegal immigration and allows sanctuary cities. We had a great chance last election to elect Buck Newton the first ever Republican Attorney General, but we got a Josh Stein Attorney General who will not prosecute his liberal friends. We need to elect a Republican Attorney General and we need to elect Dan Forest as Governor because he a good man, honest man, believes in law and order, will enforce the constitution, will work on illegal immigration, will have no sanctuary cities and bring a unity of effort in this state that has never been seen before. This diversity thing they talk about is nuts. It’s ok at home and we fought the cold war and helped bring down the Berlin Wall and fight off socialism and it wasn’t the guns, ships and planes, it was our national will and unity of the people and all these clowns want to do is divide us. Socialism is not genetic it’s learned, and we must get into those school boards and look at what they are teaching our kids. I think some of these young people are confusing socialism with social justice and not talking about American history and patriotism in schools. This political correctness stuff is also nuts and it kills our first amendment rights. Calling a felon, a justice involved individual and telling us our kids can only read certain books, all they want is control. These issues are very serious, and we need to resolve them and get great leaders like Dan Forest and President Trump in office, stay on track with our Judeo-Christian Beliefs which our country was founded on and live by the U.S. Constitution and N.C. Constitution.

RON RABIN VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/q0SPaa_-fnY

Clarence Henderson was at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement and was part of the Woolworth Counter Lunch sit-in in 1960. He was appointed by Governor Pat McCrory as the Chairman on the Martin Luther King Commission and appointed by President Trump as the President of the Frederick Douglas Foundation of North Carolina. He spoke about it’s time for all good patriots to come to the aid of our country and we are at a major crossroads right now. We need to decide if we are going to be taken back to King George III or defend our freedom. American citizens don’t know our history. If you are a citizen of this country and don’t know the history of America, you are a citizen in name only. If you are a politician that’s running for office or in office and don’t understand the free market capitalistic system, you need to resign. America is too great a country for you to not understand what it is all about. Thomas Jefferson said, “America is a idea in the minds of many”, I am a Constitutional Conservative that is a Republican. If you are a Democrat in the room, I feel sorry for you and I’ll tell you why. In 1971 I was a Democrat before I was a Republican sitting at the kitchen table with my father who had a third-grade education and we never discussed politics at the kitchen table. I had a college degree in Business Administration talking to him and I started to espouse about the Democratic party, and he said son, you don’t know your history. You don’t know what the Republican party has done for us as a people. It took me 25 years to do some research because I was always listening to someone else. I was not aware of what the Republican party did with the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. I was not aware of what was done with Women’s Liberation when the Democrat Party was trying to shut it down. Now I’m a faith believer and what I saw in Charlotte a few years back was horrific when the Democratic Party would not even put God in their platform. That’s a shame and a disgrace, I have been looking for some Democrats that would say publicly that they are not for Planned Parenthood. They are in self-denial, when you have 60 million blacks in America right now and you have almost 20 million that have been aborted, that shows me what you think of us as blacks. The kids are unprotected in the womb. I was born on what they would say is the wrong side of the tracks and it’s not about where you been it’s about where you are going. The only reason I am here today is because I love this country. I am in constant excruciating pain but have I children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that I’m concerned about what type of America they will have. Ronald Reagan said we are never more than a decade away from losing our freedoms. Most of you don’t recognize it but we are 8 years already into it. Freedom is not free; it comes with a price and it must be paid in full and up front. I believe in divine intervention; I do not stand here by accident. I stand here because of what my father did when I was born. He was a tenant farmer and was friends with a white guy and my father named me after him and it set the tone for me to bridge the gap between the races. I have been doing this from the time I was born till now and there is not but one race the human race. Race is being used to divide this country and we need to recognize that. When you are in the foxhole, it doesn’t matter what race you are. We have got to understand something, when Dr. Martin Luther King said unless we learn to live together as brothers we will perish together as fools. America is being destroyed from within. It’s not just inside the gates of America it’s in the halls of congress. We’re letting 535 people to tell 320 million plus people what we should and shouldn’t do. It’s time for us to stand up for which we believe and as I stand here today our freedoms are being taken away. My father moved us from a black neighborhood to an integrated neighborhood and I was able to see that people are not born racist. There is hope for everyone. I was raised in a two-parent household and that is important today. The state of North Carolina doesn’t even have a definition of marriage. When all this happens, I ask myself, where is the church? Everyone is coming out of the closest except Christians. The Republican party is being out strategized and I went to the Guilford County Republican Party and told them you’re not talking about the platform and you’re always on defense and you need to stop letting people frame the conversation. Tell people who you are and what you stand for. We need to tell people about values, less taxes, left alone by government, school choice, entrepreneurship, all things that made this country what it is. I am the minority outreach director for Dan Forest for Governor. We’re a part of the Dan Bishop win. When I speak to Republican’s running for office and want my vote, we develop a contract that you’ll get my vote, but you must live with the platform the Republican Party says. Politicians are a dime a dozen, but leaders are priceless, and we need leaders in office not politicians. He spoke about the Lunch Counter Sit-In back in 1960. We all have defining moments and it’s not the moment that defines you, it’s what you do with the moment and I hear so many pessimist and if you cannot talk to me about American Greatness, something is wrong with you. We have so much opportunity because look at all the people coming here. You don’t see people leaving just like all those Hollywood folks who said they were leaving, and I have not seen one leave yet. What do we do in this time in our country? We do the same thing they did when this country was founded. We go back to our birth certificate the Declaration of Independence and it goes something like this, but I have changed the words a bit. When in the course of humans events you find yourself governed by the rule of man and not the rule of law, we as sovereign citizens of these United States must defend the freedom this country was founded to be and we must live out our motto, In God We Trust, we must live and act according to our Pledge of Allegiance, One Nation Under God, Indivisible with liberty and justice for all. On February 1st 1960, there was a shot fired heard around the world when four students went into the FW Woolworths and sat down and asked to be served, it should not have been unusual but these four students were black, and they sat down at the lunch counter where the rule of law known as Jim Crow forbid them to do so. Why did these four students sit down to stand up for freedom, why did the four students say we have just begun to fight, why did they say give me liberty or give me death, why did these four Moses, part the red sea of hatred, why did these four Daniel’s step into the lions den of oppression, why did these four Hebrews cross the color line and step into the fiery furnace of hatred. I’ll tell you why, to tell old Jim Crow to let my people go. There was 176 days where people would sit down to stand up for freedom, 176 days where people freedom or freedom over me, and before I be a slave I’d be buried in my grave and go home to my lord and be free. I stand by that today. It was 176 days we faced down the KKK, bombs threats, going to jail, we sat there for 176 days. It takes an understanding of what your fighting for and I believe we can do it.

CLARENCE HENDERSON VIDEO LINK > https://youtu.be/zjwsVulbXd8

Mark Robinson is running for Lt Governor in 2020 and he is on the National Board for the NRA. His “I am the Majority” speech at the Greensboro City Council meeting in 2018 when they were having open comments from citizens about shootings and where some of the blame was going, he felt called to speak up. Mr. Robinson stated, The reason why this nation is what it is and we are so blessed and prosperous is not because of the constitution, it is a wonderful document, not because of our founding fathers, they were wonderful men, we are blessed in this nation because the hand of God has always been on this nation. We always put God first in everything we do, and we need to put him first. There are some people that are nervous about proclaiming the name of the Jesus. Let me tell you something about the name of Jesus, the name of Jesus can turn a whole lot of things around. Before I do anything the most important thing is to give honor to Jesus Christ. I don’t always act like a Christian, but I am always convicted about anything I do wrong and that’s how I know he is with me. That’s what these national needs right now more than anything.  We talk about politics and socialism and how socialism is destroying this nation and I will tell you why socialism has crept onto the shores of this nation with such force it’s because the church in this nation has not been doing what it did in the past. We need a revival in this nation, we need Christians to start standing up and being as bold and as courageous and as fearless as those preaching socialism, and those people who would do sick and disgusting things like flying airplanes full of people and themselves into buildings that are full of people all for their religion. Right now, the sad state of our nation is that we don’t even have people that will get out of bed on Sundays to go worship a God who has blessed them so richly. We have got to get back to that and stop being ashamed of our religion that built this nation. The first issue I want to discuss is the unborn. The unborn are as precious as the young babies we see in this room today. The unborn are the fruit of a woman’s womb placed there by a blessing from God. Right now, we have a bunch of people in this country who think that they are just a clump of cells that can be vacuumed out, torn apart and thrown into a trashcan. Think about two things, I’m a the 9th of 10 children of an extremely impoverished black family. If Margaret Simon and some of her cohorts could have counseled my mother in 1967, I might not be here today. But thank God my mother was a woman of faith who chose life over death and chose faith and she instilled that in me. Think about this too, we pray every day about things like a cure for cancer, think about how many times in this nation that people have gotten on their knees and prayed for a cure for cancer. Think about this, somewhere over and over again in the belly of a poor woman somewhere in NC, SC, Florida, Georgia, Texas or anywhere, a woman became pregnant and her situation was dire and God placed a blessing inside her womb, inside that baby, in its brain could be a cure for cancer and she chose not to give that child life and she chose instead to go to Planned Parenthood and murder a blessing of God. It happens over and over again, and children are a blessing from God. If we continue to murder the most innocence among us, this country will pay a price for that innocent blood. Many years ago it was the Republican Party stood firm, for those most vulnerable among us, who were slaves in this nation and it was the Republican Party that stood up and said the scourge of slavery need to be removed from the land of liberty, and they did it. Folks the Republican Party today needs to stand up and remove the scourge of abortion from this nation. We need to be bold in doing it and uncompromising in doing it. There is no question that abortion stops a beating heart, abortion will bump the blessings of God from this nation. We’ve got to protect the lives of the unborn. The second issue it goes hand in hand with that. You know folks I describe our constitution as a fortress, it is the fortress that protects our freedom but if you have a fortress and you don’t have any guns on top of that fortress to protect it, it will be overrun. The 2nd Amendment is the Fortress, is the guns on the top of our fortress of freedom of our constitution. If we do not protect and defend the 2nd Amendment of the United States of America, the United States of America will cease to exist. Only armed men are free men. Now some people you say that to will not believe it and what I’d like to do with those people is get me couple hundred thousands dollars and rent a couple 747’s and take them to places like, Russia, Germany, Poland, China, Cuba, Africa and South America and show them the mass graves of people of all color. All of whom were killed because they were disarmed. Different people from different parts of the globe and they all had one thing in common, when it came time to defend themselves, they could not because they were disarmed, and they ended up in a mass graves. If you do not believe that the disarmament of America is a major priority for the socialist and the communist, you are dead wrong. They want those guns out of your hand so that you can be in the hands of Tierney. Now I’d like to talk about education. When I was a kid we went to school and sat down and the teacher taught us three things, how to read, how to write and how to do mathematics. I never had a teacher in an elementary school class and had a teacher ask me if I was a boy or a girl. I never went to the library and sat the feet of a perverted drag queen and yes, I said a perverted drag queen, any man that puts on a dress and goes outside dressed like a woman is a pervert. I don’t care who doesn’t like it, because I’m going to tell you what folks there is a not a seat in office or a position of power that is at as important enough to me to give up the truth. There is a truth that is not being spoken in this country and people are not speaking the truth they are sitting in those seats or those offices not speaking truth because they are afraid of speaking the truth because people might get mad with them. Education is not education today it’s indoctrination. Taking are our children by force because you must send them to school, and they are brain washing them in the socialist mantra. We’ve taught our kids to be good Christians and good Patriots and we need people is positions in power to stop abusing these children and teaching them these salacious and ridiculous hypersexual things that is child abuse. Getting rid of social engineering in our schools should be a top priority for every elected official and it starts with that thing called Common Core. It makes parents look stupid, it confuses children and makes those that put it in place look like geniuses. We’ve got to start teaching our kids how to make decision not what to think. He also spoke about supporting veterans and making North Carolina the best place for veterans and their families. He spoke about supporting law enforcement and believes it’s a dangerous thing with the socialist are saying our officers are racists, violent and thugs and we have folks on that side afraid to stand up again it or believe it. He spoke about what we can do about it. We can get aware of who we are voting for and why you’re voting for them. You can get after it and do something about it and add something to the cause of freedom. You can also get down on your knees and pray about. I am 100% American, not African American, when I served under that flag, we all served under that flag. The charge I’ll leave you with is to go home and look in the mirror and ask if you’ve got what it takes to save this republic, if you do is ask what you can do and then before you lay down at night thank God that you live in the greatest country one earth.

MARK ROBINSON VIDEO CLIP> https://youtu.be/_vRCboNbsWo

Miguel Filpo is a Special Forces retired Sergeant Major who was injured in Iraq when a house IED exploded killing three of his men and severely injuring himself and by the grace of God he survived. He said, I am a first generation American. We must continue to push the conservative agenda because there is an attack on the America Family. My parents are two immigrants from the Dominican Republican, and I wanted to serve to repay this great country for what they allowed my parents to do. My father was a tobacco farmer in the Dominican Republic, and they make pretty good cigars. He came to America when he was 16 years old, he instilled in me even though we had Dominican blood in our system we were now Americans. My father chose to leave everything behind for a better life. So, he begged his father to help him get out. I watched my father work many jobs from washing dishes, working in a hardware store and getting an education. He did not just tell me that, he showed me how to do it by his work ethic. We’re getting away from that in this country and there are forces in this country attacking American family values and they are subsidizing broken homes. They say to a family that if you are struggling and need a little help, the father needs to go so you can get help. It’s not done by mistake and if the father is gone, the street is raising that kid while mom is trying to make ends meet. We need to go back the American Family. When the family is united the country will be united. It’s about American Values. When you speak to people one on one, they don’t want to be taxed more, they believe in God and the Grace of God is why I am still here after that IED attack. I was in a comma for a while, lost the use of my kidney’s and was on dialysis for 5 years, in May I was blessed with the gift of life from my little brother who is also in the service. I come from a family of 8 and I leave Friday to go to the retirement of my little brother who gave me the kidney. I spent a lot of time in a hospital bed wondering why I am still here. One thing about being close to death is it gives you immense clarity about your life and so I turned my life to God, Jesus First and everything second. I’ve been blessed over and over again and honestly there were plenty of times when things were not going my way and losing men here or there but I just said God is in charge and trust in his plan. That does not mean put our guard down. We have unique opportunity with our president to get people who do not normally vote for conservative Christian values to get up and do it now. There is an immense attack on our country and it’s just as fierce as the Taliban in Afghanistan and those Jihadist are willing to die for their cause, we need to be willing to die for our cause. I’m not saying all out war, don’t get that confused. There are people in this country fighting us and they are not using guns, they are using the education system, the media, every tool at their disposal. It’s the only way that someone like AOC can get elected who has never had a real job, never run a business, does not have a family no children but she is going to dictate to the rest of American how they should work 40 hours and give her their money for their twisted agenda and try to get our children to erase religion, gender anything that makes you an individual, they’ll call it about race, they’ll call it Hispanic American month, African American month, all that stuff is nonsense. African American History is American History, Hispanic American History is American History and whenever you here someone trying to divide you be super careful. They are doing it on purpose because they don’t want you to think with your mind, they want you to think with your heart and emotions. That’s what the liberal media is driving, they don’t want you children to think, they want them to feel. That’s why they give them a trophy. My son made two baskets on the basketball team all season and they gave him a trophy. He said dad, why did they give me a trophy I didn’t help the team very much. We are not guaranteed happiness simply the pursuit of happiness. Socialist, the media, social media want to sell a narrative to the young minds that it’s not the values that made this country what it is today since it’s beginning. Everyone plays a part in stopping that attack. There are people that say, what can I do, and I thought the same thing. Born to two immigrants from Dominican Republic, served my country and got all these awards that are under my bed because it’s not about the awards, it’s about loving America that gave my mom and dad an opportunity for a better life. We need to fight for our values, the American Family, justice and do not allow anyone to tell you the second amendment is about hunting. The reason I say that is because I was watching CNN the other day, watching the enemy because any good soldier who is leaning forward in the foxhole is doing, they literally places a story about Hong Kong and how those people are holding the American Flag fighting for freedom and then showed a story right after that about the second amendment and it’s about hunting and all that nonsense and I’m like, you literally just showed a story why we need the second amendment and then showed a story saying we don’t need it and it made no sense and yet people are being brain washed by these people every day. We need to push very hard, just as hard as them in the opposite direction and save this country, save the American Family and stop this push towards Socialism because the reality is it does not work and has never worked. It’s common sense that if you take one dollar from one person that they worked for and give to another so they both have 50 cents, then the person who worked hard for that dollar will not want to work anymore. It’s a downward trend to literally destroying this country and we are on the front lines right now. We’re starting a movement, we have a huge opportunity with President trump to wake people up and that’s why I voted for President Trump. I voted for him because I look at him like the guy you call when you have a raccoon problem, you know, he’s a good ol boy that might show is ass from time to time but he’ll get the job done or you can call that fancy talk guy in a suit with a name tag, Jim Bobs Rodent Control and you’ll have that raccoon problem for 3 more years. Is he perfect no, but none of us are. The fact of the matter is he is president for a reason, he is president because he said to hell with all the political correctness and he will say what is actually going on in the country and I believe the guy. Does he say something every now and then a little wacky, that’s ok I do that too. The reality is he is saying what a lot of American, conservative Christian people are thinking about but are afraid to say cause the left will attack, the media will attack, call us bigots, misogynist, racist. I’m Hispanic born here in United States, but I have been looked at, how can you vote for Trump if you are Hispanic. Which nothing is more condescending than telling someone you should vote for someone simply because of the color of their skin. Yet they don’t see a problem because that’s what they want, separate us by race, economic class, and it’s not about that. Everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness not guaranteed happiness. If you think you have the right to guaranteed happiness, ask the people of Venezuela if they have guaranteed happiness because the reality is that country has wealth and everything, they need to do the right thing but they moved the wrong direction. Thank you to all those leading this fight, pushing the conservative agenda, supporting our president, supporting conservative candidates trying to do the right thing and are fighting for the values of this country and leaning forward in the foxhole.

MIGUEL FILPO VIDEO CLIP > https://youtu.be/ESSBlYRdg_Q

There we also nine different candidates who spoke on why they are running for office and what we can do as individuals to accomplish victory. To find out more, please contact us at www.hokegop.com or on Facebook Hoke County GOP.

KEEP IN MIND, I tried to type every word they spoke so I may have a word or two not exactly as stated. I encourage EVERYONE to view the video’s and here from them directly because this is so important for the sake of our COUNTRY!   #AmericaFirst #HokeGOP

NC Senator BEN CLARK: When was the last time anyone saw Ben Clark in Hoke County? Well it appears he may have been trying to “Gerrymander” the so called “Gerrymandered” maps for his district to protect his seat. See story in Washington Post and News and Observer. WAPO: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/two-nc-republicans-could-lose-their-districts-under-new-gop-drawn-congressional-map/2019/11/15/26c47ad4-071e-11ea-8292-c46ee8cb3dce_story.html

News Observer: https://www.fayobserver.com/news/20191119/sen-clark-disputes-reports-he-sought-district-for-congressional-run

Republicans, we need someone to stand up m in 2020!

REGISTERING VOTERS: Rockfish Uhaul Pack and Ship has two registration boxes at their location 2950 Lindsay Rd Raeford, NC 28376. If you don’t want to go online at www.ncsbe.gov or into an Board of Elections Office, just fill out the form at the boxes and place inside and we’ll take them down to Hoke County Board of Elections for you ! WE HAVE registered 22 voters thus far for 2020. If Republicans want to win, we need to keep pace with Population Growth and new folks who have moved into our area. We need to register 750 voters to be successful. REGISTER TO VOTE !!!



There was a ton of presidential candidate news this week so we’re going to go by candidate:

  • Pete Buttigieg – His campaign has several sections on his websites detailing his plans for the African-American community. The problem? A lot of them were stock photos of Kenyans and some people had never been contacted about endorsing him. Fox News
  • VP Joe Biden – There has been a lot of scrutiny this week over his son’s involvement with a Ukrainian natural gas company. But there’s happy news: Hunter Biden fathered another grandchild for the VP! Fox News
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren – She held an event in Atlanta last night. Warren, once a huge supporter of charter schools until she sold out to unions, had her event interrupted by a large minority community of protestors who were pro-school choice. The Hill

A news story came out this week about the number of immigrant children being held us U.S. Border Patrol detainment centers, about 100,000. As soon as the source of the figures revealed that number was from 2015 under the Obama administration, they pulled the story. It seems that something only becomes newsworthy if it’s not Obama. The New York Post

Speaking of Obama, there’s a new ABC report out regarding how much middle-class Americans are spending on health care. In 2008, they spent about 8% of their income on health care. In 2018, that number climbed to almost 12%. Wasn’t there something passed in 2009 that was supposed to save families $2500 a year on health insurance? ABC News

I’m piling on the media this week, namely because some of the national outlets deserve it. Most of y’all remember the “She Persisted” moment of Sen. Warren or Sen. Harris’ rude questioning of a witness that caused Sen. Burr to intervene. The same thing happened to Rep. Elise Stefanik via Rep. Adam Schiff. The double standard of how Stefanik is being treated compared to Warren or Harris is appalling. Washington Examiner


We’ve all known Cooper is not only incompetent, but corrupt. He served in the NCGA when that culture was the norm and now it’s trickled over to the Governor’s Mansion. A report from the investigators hired after a bipartisan committee vote found some potential criminal violations with Cooper’s $58M slush fund from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. WBTV

For a deeper dive into the ACP issue, check out this story about how some permits to cut trees may have been a way that Governor Cooper and his senior advisors were able to extract the $58M slush fund as a way to get the permits approved. Carolina Journal

Cal Cunningham is Chuck Schumer’s hand-picked candidate to be the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate. Schumer has instructed him to sit in a windowless basement and raise money while completely ignoring the people he needs to court, and a recent poll shows him losing to his primary opponent. This fact check won’t help him. WRAL

North Carolina was scheduled to transition its Medicaid program in order to save the state money and increase the quality of care for those enrolled in the program. Because of Cooper’s veto, that transition is on hold indefinitely, putting the health and safety of NC at risk. Carolina Journal



Democrats passed a bill to keep government open, which is sure to be gutted into something resembling reasonable legislation by Sen. McConnell (and yes, your NC Congressional Republicans held strong on the bill). They did pass a bipartisan bill in support of the Hong Kong protestors (something the NBA is too cowardly to do). 

On the Senate side, they passed their version of the spending bill that the President signed into law. They also unanimously passed the same bill in support of the Hong Kong protestors. McConnell stays true to his motto: “Leave no vacancy behind.” He filed cloture on several more federal judicial nominees and two more were confirmed. One of the confirmations flips the 2nd Circuit from Dem-controlled to Republican majority. When the others are confirmed, the 11th Circuit will flip as well. These actions will help the courts to remain in conservative hands for a generation and should absolutely inspire you to do the same thing in NC.


Both chambers adjourned last week upon completion of the new Congressional maps. The court has already put an injunction in that does not allow candidates to file for the districts when filing opens on Dec. 2. A hearing is scheduled for the same day. Depending on what happens with the courts, those running for Congress who have primary opponents may have their elections delayed until April or potentially May. The primary election for all races in North Carolina is currently scheduled for March 3, 2020.


December 7th is the NCGOP Hall of Fame Dinner! Award applications and tickets are available here: 2019 Hall of Fame Dinner

Make sure to visit the NCGOP Events page to see more events than what’s listed there.