Hoke GOP will be at Rockfish Creek Winery Sip & Support for MIKE HARDIN Candidate for Moore & Hoke County District Attorney, tonight September 27, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. –Rockfish Creek Winery 223 Flagstone Lane, (Stonegate Village Shopping Center Hwy 401) Raeford, NC 28376 –COME JOIN US (it’s going to TAKE ALL HANDS ON DECK to defeat the Liberal, Progressive, Left in Washington, Raleigh and Hoke )

VOTER REGISTRATION; we’ll have info at Mike Hardin Sip and Support Event tonight and every day in Rockfish we have Voter Registration Boxes at Rockfish Uhaul/Pack and Ship, 2950 Lindsay Rd. Rockfish ( Stop by, fill out a form and drop it in box and we’ll take to Board of Election for you OR REGISTER ONLINE: www.vote.org

JUDGES, Poll-Workers, Observers, Campaign Workers (some paid and some volunteer), We have several opportunities for people to be the local chairs, or heads of campaigns for Candidates in Hoke. That means “BE THE CONTACT” for Republicans running for office and we have A LOT of them so PLEASE HELP !

2020 Republican NC Appellate Judicial Candidates: WE MUST GET these folks elected. See attached

Our gun drawing fundraiser is on-going and we need you to help us sell tickets for a chance at a 1st-Remington 870 Shotgun, 2nd-CHOICE; Tandem Skydive or 4 pack to Wind Tunnel  or 3rd-XBOX.  Tickets $10 each or 3 for $20. DRAWING November1. We’re looking at having a TRUMP COUNTRY 2020 STEAK OUT PARTY/AUCTION (and need items to auction off). We need a good group of people to help with this. PICTURE attached from the Moore County Trump County Party last weekend. WOW !

We need folks to be involved and aware of the issues, attend meetings and be passionate enough to make it better!! EVERYONE’S TIME is valuable however, if you cannot be directly involved, you can help the process by making an online donation through our PayPal link. here> PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=M3JJNNGZKFGS2

OR Mail a Check to the; Hoke County Republican Party, 780 N. Horace Walters Road, Raeford, NC 28376We have a Municipal Election coming up! We need poll-workers, observers, judges and sometimes folks to sit on boards for this election and 2020. WE NEED YOU! Our country, state and county need you!

MUNICIPAL ELECTION; YES there is a Municipal Election in Raeford and Early Voting starts October 16 through Friday November 1. ( 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. ) LOCATION: County Building Board of Elections, 227 Main St BACK ENTRANCE and Election Day is November 5 from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. ( County Building-227 Main St, Library-334 N. Main St and Civic Center-200 College Drive ) CANDIDATES; Incumbents-Mary Neil King, John Jordan, Bobby Conoly and Challenger is Jeremy Hollingsworth. You can vote for 3 of the 4. ( Last City Election the Hoke County Civic league along with some Democrats tried a sweep, ALL 3 but it failed. We need folks who live in Raeford to make sure they are registered and VOTE!  

I Hal Nunn am Personally Endorsing Dan Forest ( our current Lt. Governor for Governor 2020 ) to send Roy Cooper packing. Dan has rolled out his first Policy Proposal for Governor. It’s a plan that will establish NC as the #1 Most Military-Friendly state in the country! READ THE FULL PLAN HERE> https://www.danforest.com/making-north-carolina-the-nations-no-1-military-friendly-state/

Here’s the IMPORTANT PART; In a day and age where we’re looking for heroes, our servicemembers and veterans are our real heroes. We’re going to support military families, help servicemembers transition to civilian life and retirement, and build careers in North Carolina. Dan Forest. RUN FOREST RUN !

TRUMP vs SWAMP; well what can you say, Democrats and the Media want to “make up” stories about Trump and have them broadcast all over and if anyone with any common sense looks into it, it is clear even with a House vote (controlled by Democrats) they could vote to impeach and then it will go to Senate 9where likely will not pass) and it will be OVER ! (but wait, they cannot let it go away, their Lies, Parodies in House Hearings (stupid by Schiff), Whistle Blower “hearsay” they got their info from other people, not an eyewitness. The Left has so much Hypocrisy amongst their people: HYPOCRISY: I can do it better than the Dictionary…….Liberal Progressive Left & Lame Street Media!  Dictionary…. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. (While they spend all their time trying to Impeach our Great President who was dually elected, the work of the American people is not getting done like, Gun Regulations, Immigration (heck Trump said Mexico is doing more than our House of Representatives), Infrastructure Problems, Drug Prices and more. TRUMP is fixing our problems and they don’t like it. Their Political Bias, Hypocrisy and projection of what Trump is “supposedly” doing is exactly what they have done or are doing! WAKE UP AMERICA !

GO RICHARD HUDSON; The cheerleaders of North Stanly High School were suspended by the NCHSAA last week, and Rep. Richard Hudson is having none of it. Check out the latest on this 1st Amendment story. WCNC

FINAL THOUGHT ON CITY from Jeff Hauser-NC GOP, For many of you, this week started early voting for your local municipal elections that take place in October (some of you don’t have them until November, so your early voting starts about this time next month). The men and women who serve on city councils arguably have a greater effect on your lives than any federal or state legislator. If we’re going to be serious about competing in urban areas again, it starts with getting out to vote in these elections. If you’re active in your county party, make sure someone is putting together the municipal candidate information because most, if not all, of the races are nonpartisan. For those of you who are in deep blue areas, study the issues and play the long game. Flipping city council seats isn’t going to happen overnight. Let’s be proactive and plan for the next 4-6 years.

Democrats sought a silver-lining for losing both of the special elections. But what really happened? Check out this breakdown and take notes for your own area’s demographics for 2020, i.e. how we can improve with one block and/or make inroads with another. The Charlotte Observer 

Under Republican leadership, North Carolina has been a national leader in eliminating unnecessary regulations. One area especially has been criminal justice reform. Republican legislators are at the forefront of addressing CJ reform, and it’s Congress that should take note. The Daily Signal

The cheerleaders of North Stanly High School were suspended by the NCHSAA last week, and Rep. Richard Hudson is having none of it. Check out the latest on this 1st Amendment story. WCNC

SOME OF this info came from Jeff Hauser NC GOP Communications and Hoke GOP !