Hoke GOP Brief Oct 30, 2019

TRUMP COUNTRY 2020 HOKE: We’re 19 Days from the Largest Republican Event in the History of Hoke County with our Trump Country 2020 Red White and Bluegrass BBQ November 17, 2019 (3-6pm) Rockfish Speedway/Fairgrounds, 2950 Lindsay Rd Raeford, NC 28376 (Rockfish Community). TICKETS $20.20 and can be purchased through EVENTBRITE: Search Trump Country 2020 Hoke County. Facebook: Hoke County GOP. Or mail check to Hoke County Republican Party, 780 N. Horace Walters Road, Raeford, NC 28376. ( DEADLINE Nov 15 ) WILL SELL OUT ! LINK> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/trump-country-2020-red-white-and-bluegrass-bbq-hoke-county-will-sale-out-tickets-77528585085

LOOK AT THAT GUEST SPEAKERS LIST for Trump Country 2020 Hoke. Look hard

(anyone willing to help with this event, the planning committee will meet at 1:30 p.m. Tomorrow Thursday October 31 in Rockfish 2950 Lindsay Rd. Raeford, NC) if you can help day of, just let us know.

MUNICIPAL ELECTION: Early voting has started for the municipal election. We have 3 incumbents running, Mary Neil King, Bobby Conoly and John Jordan. Although municipal elections are non-partisan, I personally support all three incumbents. There is 3 spots and one challenger Jeremy Hollinsworth the son of Democrat Party Chairman William Hollingsworth.

HOKE COUNTY: Our Democrat controlled county commissioners have failed us again by allowing Gambling Places in our communities. (they did it in less than open status at a budget retreat after tabling a few times to change the distance, closer to schools, daycares and churches) and allowing them to black out windows and doors. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Letting developers build buildings/neighborhoods with no entrance roads or not maintaining them. Not addressing people raising cock-fighting chickens in this county. DID YOU KNOW…they did adopt a Dilapidated Buildings Ordinance however; they don’t enforce it. Story in recent The News-Journal about a man struck by car in Rockfish is a guy who hangs out at an old dilapidated gas station on the corner of Rockfish Road and Lindsey Road. A seriously dangerous, condemned building that is not only an eye sore, it’s an environmental hazard. DO SOMETHING to help protect the citizens of the fastest growing community in the county.


Our NC Rep for Hoke is Democrat Garland Pierce whom I consider a friend, someone who actually listens to you and really tries to help most of the time but this past week he put out a newsletter explaining why he supported the Governors VETO. It’s info from the left side of the isle and as the Rep for the county, the school system sent his newsletter to all Hoke County Schools Employees Mass Email. That’s fine with me because he’s our rep but how are we as the other side of the isle suppose to get info to same people? WE MUST stand up and speak out about how our NC Republican leaders are trying to Keep North Carolina Conservative and fiscally responsible! You just can’t throw money at everything like Medicaid for All when we see how broke Medicaid System is and don’t get me started on the money we lose around here just in Hoke to fraudulent companies running group homes, community health centers and needs for Exceptional Children IN HOKE. Just look at most recent news: https://www.wral.com/lawmakers-demand-answers-over-troubled-company-s-4m-grant-to-house-migrant-kids/18716423/

Republicans are taking care of our teachers and public safety folks! Republicans are responsible for 4 years of increase in teacher pay and helped bust the $50,000 a year mark. The average teacher salary has risen 12 percent over the past 5 years. Since taking control of the NC Legislature in 2011, Republicans raised the starting base salary for new teachers to $35,000 and gave raises to others. We need our local Commissioners to increase teacher Supplements instead of Pools over Schools. They say they have been fiscally responsible but where is their spending going on naming buildings after their allies and splash pads. GIVE THE TEACHERS MORE SUPPLEMENTS! Why does Hoke County not have Charter Schools? Hoke High is busting at the seams and they want to add onto it. We want a NEW high school! Charter Schools help those who need a more vigorous lesson plan and Homeschooling is on an increase in Hoke County! A good blend of Public, Charter, Private and Home-school is the answer! GIVE PARENTS CHOICES in Education.

Republicans are taking care of Public Safety in NC, not throwing water on them!  Hey, our Hoke County Sheriff’s Department is fully staffed, but do they need more? Probably. Anyone seen the Crime Rates for Hoke County in the last 10 years?

GET THIS INFO to your people and write letters to the editor and share our info on www.hokegop.com.

OTHER NC STUFF: Roy Cooper has had a disastrous time managing his administration, which makes you wonder if he even learned anything during his 30+ years in state government. This story is picture perfect: NCDOT ordered a report to detail their spending problems and it ended up costing the state $970K to tell them what they already knew. The company that did the report. A board member is a huge Cooper donor. WRAL

Cooper vetoed HB 370, the bill that would require sheriffs in NC to participate in the 287(g) programs. Because sheriffs like Wake’s Gerald Baker or Mecklenburg’s Gary McFadden have declined to participate, they’re putting public safety at risk. WBTV

Most of today’s Democrat Party, including Roy Cooper, are against school choice and are pushing a one-size-fits-all public-school system despite sending their own kids to private schools (looking at you, Dan McCready). Among minorities, support for school choice is overwhelming because of their successes and it highlights not only the divide in the Democrat Party but an opportunity for the Republican Party to win over those voters. The Fayetteville Observer   ( Couldn’t we have a good blend of Public, Private, Charter and Home Schooled?) it’s called CHOICE for what’s best for our children!

You’ve heard this talking point more than once: expanding Medicaid will help rural hospitals in NC because they’re going to close without it. Just one problem, and it’s a BIG ONE! Medicaid Financial System is BROKEN and needs fixing ASAP. NC Civitas  

WASHINGTON: President Trump Announce Sunday that U.S. Special Forces (and we have A LOT in Hoke County) have killed Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi!!! USA, USA, USA ! These brave troops should be honored and celebrated, and we should pray for their safety and their families! Al-Baghdadi was the WORLD’s #1 Terrorist and he is no longer with us! PRAISE U.S. SPECIAL FORCES and GOD ! GOD AND COUNTRY! ( but the media and their Democrat pundits as well as a few Republicans won’t admit a huge win for Trump !


A RECENT POLL SAID 50% of NC wants to Impeach our Great President! Sign the petition below to show you’re not one of them! And keep AMERICA RED !   WINRED

OFFICIAL PETETION-WinRed: NORTH CAROLINIANS AGAINST THE IMPEACHMENT OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP sign it here> https://secure.winred.com/north-carolina-republican-party/45e9c36ce01762a2

COMMUNICATIONS: We are transferring over to constant contact so emails will be coming from there. If you would like to get on our email list, email us at hokegop@gmail.com.


Jeff Hauser from NC GOP Communications contributed to this brief and Lady Liberty 1885 blog> https://ladyliberty1885.com/

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