Hoke GOP Brief July 14, 2020

Next meeting July 16, 2020 PK’s Grill Raeford Airport 7pm.

FED UP YET ? Well, it could get worse but there is a remedy…..VOTE and get your family, friends and neighbors to vote. Check your registration and make sure you are good to go or register at www.vote.gop. If you live in Hoke, did you know that there will be 25 races on the ballot in November? (School Board all the way to President) DID YOU KNOW that 65/70% of all votes will be done before election day due to COVID-19, Absentee Ballots and Early Voting? (not counting what they will try to do with Mail In Balloting, dead people and cats voting. That’s why it is most important for us to reach voters and inform them of the candidates locally and nationally.  NATIONALLY… do we want to live in a Marxist, Socialist, Liberal Progressive country where only certain groups get to speak out or do we want to live in a FREE country where we are governed by the rule of LAW and not the Rule of Man ( Clarence Henderson ) and have Free Speech and Freedom from Tyranny. NORTH CAROLINA…A majority of North Carolinians voted for VOTER ID only to have 1 single judge overrule the voters of NC. Governor Cooper seems more concerned about appeasing the Liberal, Progressive, Left than maintaining traditional North Carolina values. (Guess he does that because that is where his money is coming from, out of state big liberals), that’s not North Carolina values. Hoke County….there has never been a Republican elected to Hoke County Board of Commissioners and this time around we have two candidates for Commissioner in David Frump and Chris Holland. Hoke County School Board has a couple seats up and that deadline to register is quickly approaching if you have considered running. We have Sev Palacios running for NC Senate against Democrat Ben Clark and Johnny Boyles running for NC House of Rep Democrat Garland Pierce.  We need folks to get involved in the process and make sure that Patriot Voices are heard in 2020. Come join us !