JANUARY 23 Hoke County GOP Meeting will be held at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport, 155 Airport Rd. Raeford, NC 28376 7pm

HOKE COUNTY GOP County Convention is Monday March 16, 2020 with registration starting at 6pm and Precinct meetings at 6:45 and convention at 7pm. GUEST SPEAKER to be announced soon. We’ll have it in the Senior Service Room, 423 E. Central Avenue in the Old Armory Building where Parks and Rec is and Utilities Department. It’s right beside the Sheriff’s Office downtown. YOU MUST ATTEND your county convention if you plan to go to the State Convention or RNC National Convention in Charlotte this fall.

CAN YOU WORK A POLLING SITE for a few hours? Can you help put out signs? COULD YOU help some of our Candidates with their campaigns? Send us an email and we’ll get you linked up with a campaign. ( Hoke GOP 2020 Primary Sample ballot Attached). We need folks to help spread the good news that Republicans can and will win in 2020 in mass numbers!

KEEP IN MIND….those candidates that DO NOT have a PRIMARY RACE will not show up on the March 3 PRIMARY BALLOT. WE DO have Candidates for NC Senate District 21 – Sev Palacios, check his web here www.palacios2020.com he will be running against Ben Clark who only shows up for social events in Hoke County and stands with Roy Cooper. ALSO Johnny Boyles has stepped up to run against Garland Pierce and both of these will be on the November 2020 Ballot. Check out Johnny Boyles info at www.boylesdistrict48.com and of course this summer, the Hoke County School Board race will open up for folks to challenge the incumbents who just keep getting elected year after year and basically are a rubber stamp, ALL DEMOCRATS. As for the County Commissioners Race, two of our Hoke Republicans have signed up to run against DEMOCRATS James Leach and Bobby Wright. ( David Frump and Chris Holland ) more info to come on them and they will be on the ballot in November! THERE HAS NEVER BEEN a Republican win a County Commissioner Race in Hoke County! We’ve come within a couple hundred votes from electing William “Brownie” Brown in 2012 but Hoke County has been controlled by Democrats since it’s beginning in 1911. Things are starting to change in Hoke County and we need our strong Republican base and Unaffiliated Voters to VOTE RED in 2020 ! I’ve heard A LOT about Conservative Democrats over the last few months and cannot understand why they continue to be Democrats when the party has been hijacked by the extreme left. It’s time for Conservative Democrats to switch to Republican or Unaffiliated and keep the crazies out! We know these Conservative Folks do not support Abortion, Gay Marriage and they DO SUPPORT our 2nd Amendment and Free Speech but if they continue to allow the crazy left to run things, we’ll be headed down a dark path that we cannot recover from. We need to Secure our Borders, Stop Killing Babies, GET VOTER ID to protect our elections and Marriage should be between a man and a woman! It’s our Christian Values that the country was founded on no matter what the left tries to tell us. It’s CLEAR, VOTE THE LEFT OUT and Elect strong Conservative Christian Candidates at every level!

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and BLACK VOTERS; did you know that support for President Trump in the black communities continues to grow! THE LAME STREET/FAKE NEWS media won’t tell you that! Democrat failed legislations have left the black communities broken and full of crime. Martin Luther King Jr. said “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and the way President Trump is being railroaded with this sham impeachment is exactly that, injustice. Liberal Left Democrat controlled cities have fallen into complete and total failure. President Trump is exactly the right person to help “bridge the gap” and knows how to make it better and has the “Intestinal Fortitude” to get the job done!

IN HOKE COUNTY if you ask about “School Choice” or starting a Charter School, you will not receive any positive comments. Charter Schools, Private Schools, Home Schools and Christian Schools are thriving, and it helps the Student-To-Teacher ratio and helps children learn more, so are they more concerned about the kids or the money? A GOOD BLEND of Public, Private and Charter is the best way to go! GIVE PARENTS a CHOICE as to where their kids are educated.


This is the third time I’m posting a story related to this narrative because it’s that important. Democrats are coming for the state legislature and coming with tens of millions of dollars. If you’re not able to donate to your state legislator, please go help them on the ground by knocking doors or making phone calls. Hold the line. POLITICO

When the NCGA convened this week, Senate Democrats had a choice: stand with Cooper or stand with teachers. Undoubtedly swayed by campaign donations, Democrats stood with Cooper and upheld the veto of teacher pay raises. This year, we’re going to make them pay. NC Civitas

You’ve probably already seen the Facebook post, but if you haven’t, the Bladen County Board of Elections held its normal meeting this week. One of the Board members asked to add the Pledge of Allegiance to the agenda. The Cooper-appointed Democrats refused and when a spontaneous Pledge broke out from the crowed, they refused to stand and then threatened to arrest those who do in the future. Bladen Journal

When it comes to local school boards, CMS is one of the worst. All one has to do is look at the long list of instances of them strong-arming or threatening local communities, e.g. the board threatening the towns that supported a school choice bill. The CMS superintendent Clayton Wilcox resigned last year, and it seems like the FBI is getting involved. The Charlotte Observer   


First, some international perspective. Most, if not all, of you have heard about the wildfires raging in Australia. It’s being blamed on climate change, but is that why? Hint: it isn’t. The Spectator

Let’s go with the two most extreme candidates remaining in the Democrat primary. First, the stock market has exploded since the beginning of 2017 and almost everyone’s portfolio regardless of household income is doing well. What happens if socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders inexplicably wins? The New York Sun

Second, nearly every Democrat candidate (or Democrats in general) complain about the President overreaching with executive authority, although they were strangely silent for about 8 years between 2009 and 2016 (anyone know why? Bueller?). So what would Senator Elizabeth Warren – who’s full of potentially unconstitutional ideas – do on her first day in office? Bloomberg

Appointed to finish out the late Sen. McCain’s term, Sen. Martha McSally – the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat – is in the Senate to chew bubble gum and kick (choice word for rear end), and she’s all out of bubble gum. She called out CNN reporter Manu Raju yesterday, and she’s taking no prisoners regarding the Democrat Senators running for President. RedState



Outside of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the supposedly somber transfer of the articles of impeachment, the House literally did nothing this week with the exception of two bipartisan bills: one that addresses veteran homelessness and another that this Recap mentioned a while back – insider trading.

The Senate confirmed Peter Gaynor as the head of FEMA. They also passed the USMCA, the new North American trade agreement that took the House almost a year to pass. The trade agreement was passed in an overwhelming bipartisan vote, 89-10. 


The NCGA was in session only for a day but did pass two meaningful bills in near-unanimous fashion. One bill reduced the threshold for the state medical expense deduction on your taxes and the second righted a wrong because of Cooper’s incompetence: funding scholarships for children of military veterans. Senate Democrats chose to stand with Cooper and the undoubtedly forthcoming campaign donations by standing up for his veto of teacher pay raises. Apparently, nothing is better than something. Good luck with that during campaign season.


On January 19th is the BLEXIT rally with Candace Owens! Details are here: BLEXIT Charlotte Rally

Join Diamond & Silk and Civil Rights Leader Clarence Henderson on Monday January 20th for a discussion on the transformation of the black community, and a keynote address from a special guest! You can register here for the Black Voices For Trump event: Black Voices For Trump – Raleigh, NC

January 26 – February 1 is School Choice Week! Check out their page to find some events near you and stay tuned for additional events. NC School Choice Week

Make sure to visit the NCGOP Events page to see more events than what’s listed there. There are several events coming up in counties that feature lots of local candidates that are in primaries. If you don’t want to walk into the booth during primary voting this February and March, go check out these events to hear from candidates.

Voter Tools:

Sample ballots are up! Check your voter registration HERE to find your sample ballot. 

If you’re not registered to vote, you must be registered by 2/7. Find a voter registration form here.

Absentee ballot voting has started! Request a ballot here. Seriously, don’t wait. If you know you’re not going to be around for early voting or election day, request a ballot now.

Early voting starts on February 13 and we have two location in Hoke County. One at the county Building downtown Raeford where Board of Elections is and the other is the Rockfish Community Center in Rockfish.

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