CHRISTMAS PARTY December 19, 2019 has been cancelled! There has been a perfect storm of other events and parties that just plain and simple conflict with our and of course holiday planning is tough. We will pull back together after the new year with our first meeting of 2020 being January 16 at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport 7pm (unless it changes in January). We will be having our Annual Convention in March with the date TBA. Keep in Mind, if you plan to attend the State Convention and or the Republican National Convention in Charlotte in August, you must attend your county convention. THEY ALSO NEED tons of volunteers for the RNC Convention sign up here:

FILING DEADLINES…did you know we can have someone run for Register of Deeds? if you know someone good at record keeping and registering deeds, it’s a full-time gig and YES you have until December 20 to sign up! ALSO here’s what will be on our ballot in Hoke…..President, US Senate, US House, Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General, NC Auditor, NC Agriculture Commissioner, NC Commissioner of Insurance, NC Commissioner of Labor, NC Secretary of State, NC Superintendent of Public Instruction, NC treasurer, NC Supreme Court seats 1, 2 and 4. (THIS IS HUGE), NC Court of Appeals seats 4, 5, 6, 7, 13. NC Senate District 21, NC House District 48, NC District Court Judge 19D seat 3 and 4, District Attorney Hoke and Moore, Board of Commissioner 2 seats and Register of Deeds !  I know you’ve heard it before BUT THIS WILL BE, WITHOUT DOUBT the BIGGEST ELECTION in our lifetime! The soul of our State and Country are at stake. YOU WANT IT to go to the Liberal-Progressive-Loony Toons Left? YOU WANT ALL THESE left leaning, legislate from the Bench JUDGES to control our State? (which they are now). ARE YOU AGAINST Abortion and Infanticide? Do you want 20% of the population to control what 100% of us must live with? NOW IS OUR FUTURE! Join Hoke GOP who is keeping the fight alive! SUPPORT US physically or financially because we are preparing now for November 2020 and have been. We need Poll Workers, Judges, Assistant Judges, Phone Callers, Door Knockers and Voter Registration Drives! Know a young person who wants to be involved in the Young Republicans Federation or College Republicans? LET US KNOW and we’ll put them in touch with the right folks.

I had the pleasure of attending the NC GOP  Hall of Fame Dinner, (SEE PICS BELOW) Chairman’s Lunch and Executive Committee meeting last weekend where 450 (largest ever) Republicans gathered to induct folks into the Hall of Fame and hear from Party Leaders about the 2020 election and direction of NC GOP. I am always very encouraged when like-minded folks gather together. It’s such a powerful statement and I encourage everyone to attend next year of you can. Attached are a few pics from the event at the North Raleigh Hilton. MY NOTES from event; OUR IDEAS ARE JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLY BETTER than Democrats, We are Unified in that effort, We can’t build the party with people and donations. Donations can be big or small. Our #WinRed donor platform is the largest it’s ever been and from a $10 donation to big donations, all helps. LINK HERE>

JUDGES RACES are going to be huge! Especially for NC Supreme Court! Our NC Supreme Court is the most liberal state supreme court in the country. The voted down ankle bracelets for sex offenders and said putting child porn on a thumb drive is ok.

Since President Trump has taken office there has been 7.2 million new jobs created and we have the longest sustaining growth EVER! Lowest unemployment EVER for African Americans and Women! We’ve rebuilt our military and are putting America First! Democrats have wasted $35 million on the Collusion hoax, have no FACTS on Ukraine stuff and have just plain forgot to do the work of the American People while creating this SHAM impeachment because they can’t win at the ballot box. Our economy is booming, military strongest in world and we are leading the world again! Opportunity for Americans is at it’s greatest, Prosperity is reachable, and we choose LIFE over abortion.

Ada Fisher from the National Republican Committee said she likes Donald trump because he is a NO Nonsense, NO BS can of guy. He’s helping restore Historically Black Colleges and Republicans not Democrats are helping HBCU’s with funding. Senate Republican’s help get $250 million a year for them.

Our State Treasurer Dale Folwell said our state pension plan is in the top 10 in the country. As in comparison, S.C. plan is funded at 55% and North Carolina at 90%. He is calling on Democrat Governor Roy Cooper to replace the head of Department of Transportation and put their budget under the Office of State Budget and Management. They spent nearly $2 BILLION more than they brought in last year and it has put NC in a financial crisis that has delayed projects across the state. (just like the ones in Hoke County ). They robbed the State Highway Trust Fund to pay for maintenance and operation without the State Treasurers approval, which is required by law. The state budget office report says they the Governor has had poor management and overspending. When it comes to healthcare, it’s the poor who get Scrooged! He asked state funded UNC Hospitals to give him the exact costs of healthcare and they replied with a law suit. He’s fighting for transparency in healthcare billing so costs can be identified and better managed. ( I also spoke with him about the money lost in Hoke County over closed group homes getting $4 million dollars and Special Need kids not getting access to care because groups that get the money, are not even open or hard to get hold of and kids are being left out and early intervention is always best and kids are left behind )

When it comes to new congressional maps, Obama and Holder have made NC a target for law suits over legislators being allowed to do their jobs in which the NC Supreme Court has said the maps are fine. We need legislators with guts to stand up and fight and we need the people of NC to support them in those efforts.

(these were my notes from Hall of Fame banquet).

Let’s do this in 2020 and we need YOU to be involved and aware of the issues we face! It’s our duty!

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Merry Christmas!

Hal Nunn

Hoke GOP Chair