—-HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and you and yours are healthy and have started off the new year in style! (Who sells treadmills?)

ARE YOUR READY FOR 2022? It’s going to be one heck-of-a year!

FIRST OFF is a letter from our Chairman David Frump:

—-Dear Fellow Republican and Conservative Thinkers.

We are just a few days into the new year and not yet a year into the Biden administration program of government. If you are like me, you are disappointed in the direction of government. I’m sure there is no need to remind you of all the foibles and just poor policies that have affected us over the last year and by my estimation have moved us toward chaos. On Thursday January 20th we have a great opportunity to turn things around in Hoke County.

The good news is that this is an election year and campaigning has begun for candidates who will back sensible government for the good of everyone. The stronger our county Republican party is the stronger the state party is, and the strength keeps moving uphill till we get to the national party and our beloved country. We have a very good start for a strong slate of county candidates, candidates who can be elected and can make a difference in our way of life.

Our GOP candidates depend on you to get them into office. We need help getting people registered, getting them informed and getting the vote out. So many people are angry now with the direction of government both local and national. It should be easy to get sensible candidates elected but alas it depends on voter turnout.  Last election over 2700 county Republican voters did not vote in this county. Had 25 percent of them voted we would have one Republican County commissioner. If just a few more than that would have voted, we would have had two Republican County commissioners.

We need to support our candidates at every turn and get our Republicans elected. We need to vote out the current commissioners, vote in a Republican state representative and senator, vote in a Republican sheriff and put our candidates on the school board. Only you and I can help us do that and move Hoke in the right direction.

On January 20 at 7pm the Rockfish Citizens Council will hold a “Candidate Night at The Rockfish Community Volunteer Board. The date happens to coincide with our county party’s regular meeting. We are asking all our Republican and conservative friends to come and support our candidates, those who have filed and those who intend to file for office. There will be both Republicans and Democrats candidates representing their views at the event. Participation in this meeting will be in lieu of our regular meeting. (We will not be meeting at PK’s on Jan 20) Your presence at the Rockfish event will go a long way in supporting our GOP agenda. Remember, it will only cost you a little of your time and a gallon or two of inflated price gasoline to show we are on our way to a better America. The Rockfish Community Volunteer Board meeting is always held at Rockfish Uhaul, Pack and Ship and Flea Market Building at 2950 Lindsay Rd Raeford, NC 28376.


David Frump, Hoke County GOP Chairman

—–HOKE COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD MEETING Tuesday January 11, 2022, Hoke High Library 6:30pm

There is a group of concerned parents going to this meeting Tuesday night to voice concerns over surveys, shots, masks and CRT. Yes, we are still seeking candidates for Hoke County School Board. That registration process starts in July but it’s always good to make sure we have people who are energized, informed and eager to dig into what our school board is pushing out to our children. Critical Race Theory books have been found in Hoke school libraries. Surveys are going out to children in some schools as low as elementary schools and asks questions about gay sex, do you have guns in the home, have you tried heroin, meth or smoke pot. Reports have been made some of those kids are not given an option to take the survey. Parents have reported they knew nothing about the surveys. Check out a story on www.hokemedia.wordpress.com page which is a new Media Source for Hoke County coming in March 2022. Parents have also reported that the school system is sending out notifications to the kids about Vaccines being done in schools. We believe vaccines should be a choice by parents for their children and some kids have told parents they have been either bullied or poked at if they don’t like masks or are negative against shots. This we cannot stand for and we must make our voices heard and know what our school system is doing. This February the Hoke County GOP will be published the DPI Accountability Study for Hoke Schools as a snapshot to show exactly how low some of the categories are in reading, writing and arithmetic. WE SUPPORT OUR TEACHERS, STAFF and ADMINISTRATORS who are doing things right but sometimes these things are pushed down from Raleigh, and we must become aware of those issues and take a stand for our kids. WE are our best advocates for our kids.

November 2022 will be here before you know it! We will be planning events for every month of the year including our Annual Convention in March of 2022. We look forward to meeting you at one of these events.

Please follow us at these locations; Facebook Hoke County GOP, web sites, www.savehoke.net  and our state page www.hokegop.com

We encourage you to give us names of friends who are like minded to be added to our email list by letting us know.

Again, Happy New Year PATRIOTS !!