Hoke GOP Blast April 13, 2021 ( Long But Necessary )

Monthly meeting will be this Thursday April 15, 2021 at 7pm at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport, 155 Airport Dr, Raeford, NC 28376

NEW CHAIRMAN DAVID FRUMP: I am honored to have been selected to take the reins of the Hoke county Republican party. Our outgoing chairman, Hal Nunn, did a tremendous job growing the GOP inside Hoke county and ushering us through a very tough election year. I hope to continue the growth and effectiveness of our party within the county and continue to support our party at the state and national level. During this off- election year, we will emphasize strengthening our precinct organization and overall visibility around the county. We have already made significant progress in visibility and impact with our involvement in the Soup Kitchen and our support of racial reconciliation programs in the county.  

Our overall goal is to elect Republicans to county and state positions of leadership in 2022 to return sound leadership to the county and retain sound leadership at the state level. Hoke county is enjoying significant increase in the number homes but in many cases at the expense of wide departures in the long-range county plan.

Increased houses require increased infrastructure which is not being addressed by the current leaders. Where are our new schools to support population growth? Instead of improved schools we are building swimming pools. Pools before schools! How could it have been a surprise to the county commissioners we need a better court facility? Our courthouse has been identified by the state as the worst in the state. Anyone who has been in the jury duty pool or on a jury can tell you how we should have been addressing that problem years ago. Why do we have to leave the county when we want to have a family night out? Where are our businesses that provide for the needs of our community and provide decent paying jobs for our people? We lost millions on an ill-conceived ethanol plant. What next?

Our Hoke GOP is working toward making Hoke a better place to live. I’m asking our county citizens to join with us, together we can “Move Hoke Forward!

NEW VICE CHAIR CHRIS HOLLAND: As the new Vice-Chairman of the Hoke County GOP, I will work to make the organization and its activities known to the public. There is strong (and growing) support for Conservative Christian values in Hoke County. We will supply the voice and advocate for those values at every turn.

Hoke County is rapidly growing. We will work to promote sensible long-term development that meets the community’s needs. While housing generates the bulk of our tax base, we need to focus on development that attracts high-paying jobs and invest in our school infrastructure. As the population grows, we are quickly outstripping our ability to provide meaningful employment and quality education for our children.

As the party of business and families, we will pursue those goals that supply our community with a beautiful place to live, work, and play. I look forward to working for you to help represent your values and ideas to our local government.

Almost 70-Hoke Republicans gather for convention.

The Hoke County Republican Party held their annual convention last Friday night at Wilburn Lofts Meeting and Event Center downtown Raeford. U.S. Congressman Dan Bishop was the keynote speaker and spoke about the direction of the Republican Party and things going on in Washington. “We are looking at the biggest border crisis possibly in 20 years because of this administration and the chaotic bad policies put forth by the majority in Washington,” Dan Bishop said. “What we learned under four years of President Trump is exactly what you are doing right here in Hoke is we have to fight, not for some narrow ideology, not to be unpleasant, because we stand for those fundamental ideals on which this society was built.”  He went on to say, “we are defending the Declaration of Independence that these ideas were created by God, endowed by our creator in his image to pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. It’s a sacred battle and we will never surrender and never give up”.

The first African American Lt Governor of North Carolina Mark Robinson also addressed the crowd and said, “this is a great time for us to be Republicans and we have a big opportunity with all the ridiculous things the left is doing, the hypocrisy and the moves they are making in DC, and some at the highest level here in North Carolina, average ordinary people are getting tired of it and they are looking at the Republican party as a solution and we need to welcome them”.

Other guest speakers were Clarence Henderson of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, Judge Warren McSweeney, Matt Judge formerly the Deputy Director for NC with the Trump Victory campaign, Joseph Plitt the chairman for Scotland County GOP and Susan Mills who is running for NC GOP Vice Chair in June. Convention goers were treated to a meal catered by Affairs of the Family with Betty Perkins and Krissy Small. Eleven out of fifteen precincts were represented, and the party will send 29 delegates to the District and State Conventions later this year. At this convention, the party nominated and selected a new chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer and they were, Chairman David Frump, Vice Chairman Chris Holland, Secretary Ed Grauke and Treasurer Mike Buzon. Chairman Frump said at this moment our meetings will continue to be the third Thursday of every month at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport 7pm. For more info you can visit the Hoke GOP web site at www.hokegop.com

HERE IS LINK to Convention Video of Congressman Dan Bishop speaking at convention and NC Lt Governor Mark Robinson calling in. > https://rumble.com/vfmx9d-hoke-gop-convention-keynote-speakers.html

DISTRICT CONVENTION Saturday April 17, 2021 in Monroe NC.

The NC GOP 9th District Convention will be this Saturday April 17, 2021 in Monroe NC for our 29 Delegates. Lee Park Church, 2491 Morgan Mill Road, Monroe NC 28110 in their Family Life Center. All delegates should have received this info by mail or email. Registration is from 10:00am to 11:00am and the convention starts at 11:00am. There will be 3 check in table and delegates pay $15 as a registration fee at the door.


The North Carolina Republican Party State Convention will be June 3-6, 2021 in Greenville, NC. More info to come on that.

HOKE GOP IN THE COMMUNITYThe Hoke County GOP is working with multiple organizations in support of community efforts and recently made a significant donation to the Open-Door Soup Kitchen and Affairs of the Family organization of Rockfish. Last weekend new Chairman David Frump and Vice Chairman Chris Holland presented Open Door Soup Kitchen Director Al Anderson with a check for $1,000 to go towards efforts to help folks in the communities of Raeford and Rockfish as well as a truck load of chicken, rice and beans. Last year the Republican party efforts were able to donate over 7,200 lbs of chicken, 2,300 lbs of rice, 1,100 lbs of beans and 80 cases each of beans and corn. As well as supporting these two organizations, the Hoke GOP supported a toy and food drive at Christmas for the Rockfish Community Volunteer Board, Rockfish Chamber and the Hoke County Collaborative for Children. Republican efforts help collect 150 toys and clothes and more than 50 Food Lion Food boxes for families in need. In February, the Hoke County GOP hosted their first ever MLK Breakfast with keynote speaker and civil rights icon Clarence Henderson at Rockfish Church in which over 65 people attended. This spring the Hoke GOP is working to secure a location for a Race and Reconciliation breakfast sponsored by the Frederick Douglas Foundation and the Douglas Leadership Institute. We are also having another House of Raeford TRUCKLOAD Chicken Sale June 5, 2021 at Rockfish Uhaul and Flea Market grounds, 2950 Lindsay rd Raeford, NC 28376. LINK HERE > https://houseofraeford.store/collections/raeford-6-5-21?fbclid=IwAR2lPiOzr21H5AEqBwlWeeq-LdI6Cg24lRzHu3EdnCpkodfoeNvVQ64Q09o



There is a group of investors looking to start a media company in Hoke County that would enhance media coverage about our great county. They are looking for people with media, technology, reporting, graphics, and advertising experience to become involved either full time or part time. Reach out to one of our members if you or someone you know has experience in these areas or would like to gain experience in media relations. hokegop@gmail.com


Obviously to build an organization like a local party or media organization it takes money. If you can help or make donations to the party we have multiple ways you can do that. You can write a check to the Hoke County Republican Party and mail it to our mailing address which is 780 N. Horace Walters Rd, Raeford, NC 28376 or you can send a PayPal payment to hokegop@gmail.com. Please send us an email when you make your donation so we can track it. ALSO, if you have ideas and or ways we can raise money, please let us know.


In 2020 we held multiple events in the community to engage and register voters like our Back the Blue and First Responders event at Fit4Life in Raeford. We also held a Military Appreciation BBQ at the Raeford Airport and a Sweet Tea and Politics Event at Hwy 55 Burgers Shales and Fries in Raeford.

In February we held our first ever MLK Breakfast at Rockfish Church ( see link below for video ) and we are currently working with Clarence Henderson of the Frederick Douglass Foundation and Kevrick McKain of the Douglass Leadership Institute to conduct Race and Reconciliation events throughout the community to engage Black Voters on the conservative Christian ideals of the Republican Party. YOU KNOW the Republican Party is the party that celebrates the American Family and wants to strengthen black families, is the party that helped end slavery, not the democrat party that wanted to continue it, wants to protect human life, for school choice, we are the party of freedom of speech and second amendment, we have become the party for criminal justice reform and economic responsibility. If you would like to help with these efforts, come join us. VIDEO LINK > https://youtu.be/WkAcXSNCr4w