You’ve said it yourself, “I don’t like the way things are going in my county and I support what the GOP is doing” but you do nothing….no donations, no physical help, no working at the polls or anything. Tough words I know but that’s ok. We are all very busy people these days, busy with life, family, work, school, church, sickness and other stuff. We’re all tired of the same old same old people getting elected and people with questionable experience getting hired.

Tired of failed policies in our local government and wasteful spending or the same people getting contracts and deals. SBI Investigations, Failed Ethanol Plant, Old Schools ( oh, and don’t try to tell us Republicans are against schools and against Recreation Centers ) because they are not! Dilapidated Buildings geesh all over the county !

Don’t try and tell us that Republicans are doing underhanded stuff when your left hand don’t even know what your right hand is doing. It’s the typical democrat playbook “blame the others while you yourself are going into nursing homes, harvesting ballots, politicking in churches, laying sample ballots around election rooms, fish and chicken sales and busing people to polls only to “assist” them into voting, paying people to pick up people and giving them monetary incentive to “pick up” more while assisting them in voting and using God as a crutch to get your folks elected. SHAMEFUL ! Having your own personal radio station do your dirty work while claiming to be a fair-minded and balanced media outlet. Local media not covering all the stories and tilting things to one side or the other.

Monies being misappropriated in departments and it never making the light of day. Appointing people to boards with ZERO experience or less than the others simply because your friends or family. Dems love to Label people certain things when others point out REAL PROBLEMS or REAL CONCERNS from Tax Paying Citizens. Label us concerned and I believe there are a ton more of us concerned about the direction of the county and the spending of taxpayer monies. Real estate developers getting preferential treatments and hiring lawyers to lobby Planning Board to “change” their rules so they can get richer. WHO’s for the RICH in Hoke County? DEMOCRATS ! We all know people do good things but that does not ever mean that ALL THINGS you do are good ! No one is perfect! As a good friend of ours always says….”There was only one perfect man on the face of the earth and they Crucified Him!

We do commend the passion leaders have for kids and schools. We do commend leaders for wanting to take care of seniors. We do commend leaders for cutting some waste but what happens when you cut waste and then allow favorite people to get special treatment. What happens when you give valuable land away for FREE in return for nothing? There has never been a Republican elected to the county ( 107 years ) and we think that needs to change. If not 2018, then 2020 or the next one!

ANOTHER QUESTION, if local democrats are so bipartisan, then why are No Republicans ever appointed to boards and committees? Why only former Dem elected officials and chairs appointed ? “We don’t build schools, the school board does” BUT YOU control the purse strings! We don’t fix roads DOT does, BUT YOU have commissioners on DOT Planning Boards. HOW IS IT only Republican Signs get torn down, stole or destroyed?

OH let us remind everyone that the Hoke GOP had nothing to do with the Realtor Mailer that linked one Dem Commissioner with two Republican Commissioners! They were a non-affiliated group who sent out questionnaires to all candidates. Only those three returned questionnaire ( They gave money to all three who answered their questions and who support Real Estate issues in Hoke County including the one Democrat.) So when that one democrat says “I did not know about this group” it’s a lie. Wait till the Political Fundraising Reports come out.

OH LET US remind people that when a non-profit federal group brought water and MRE’s to the county during Hurricane Florence, all the local fire departments through Emergency Management started passing out water and food ( 1 case of water 1 case of food ) per family and then two Hoke County Commissioners came to a local fire department and told the chief “stop handing this stuff out cause we are going to take it to Tylertown and distributed there”. (To Our people) It was widely reported that “Look What Our leaders are doing for the people of the county” It’s called Vote Harvesting and helping those you want to help and not all people. Commissioners intimidated fire chief and that should not be done !

OH YES another good thing, The Hoke Emergency Management did and outstanding job this time during Hurricane Florence!!!! 10 times better than when it was under the Sheriff’s Department ! it’s just a  fact.

You may not be a Republican reading this but we in the Republican Party value your concerns and issues and we ARE the ONLY organization looking at all the issues fairly and consistently. We want to hold elected officials accountable. If not tomorrow, then next time become informed and learn about the issues that affect you ever day. DON’T GET WRAPPED around the axle about Washington or Raleigh when your own back yard needs help!


We will continue to meet once a month ( 3rd Thursday of the month at PK’s Grill Raeford Airport EVERY MONTH until 2020 when you know they are going to do everything they can to remove our President. WE NEED YOU !

If you can help at the polls on election day, let us know ! OR DONATE HERE: