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Hoke GOP Brief Nov 14, 2019 (Trump Country 2020) Conservative News


Raeford Election: The City of Raeford election was on November 5, 2019 and only 16.28% showed up ( 2,887 registered voters and 470 voted ). The three incumbents went back in and they were Mary Neil King (369), John Jordan (359) and Bobby Conoly (332). Challenger Jeremy Hollingsworth collected 180 votes.


Trump Country 2020 Hoke Nov 17 (3-6 pm) is lining up to be the largest Republican event in the history of the county! I’m very excited to add Clarence Henderson from the Frederick Douglas Foundation of NC as one of the guest speakers. (we have 4 maybe 5 ) Clarence was part of the Woolworth Lunch Counter sit-in in Greensboro 1960 and  on the front-line of the Civil Rights Movement. Today he is a champion for freedom and conservative values. His message will inspire you and teach you how to change the narrative in this nation from “Liberty for a Few” to “Liberty for All”. Retired Colonel Ron Rabin will be speaking on Military Issues and our Lt. Governor Dan Forest sending Roy Cooper packing and becoming the next Governor of NC. Mark Robinson for Lt. Governor 2020 of Greensboro will be here speaking about Patriots Not Politicians and he is a National NRA Board Member. Miguel Filpo will be speaking for Hispanics for Trump NC and he is a former Special Forces Soldier and Community Member who put his life on the line for this country and wants the United States to STAY GREAT !  DEADLINE IS NOV 15 link here>

Don’t get me started on Hoke County Spending right now! We’ll deal with that after the party ! COME JOIN US !

North Carolina

John D. Szoka House Rep Raleigh, NC

Governor Cooper’s Slate of Vetoes: Blocks Teacher Pay Raises, Keeps Foreign Citizens on Voting Rolls In the midst of Cooper Administration’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline Scandal, an obstinate Governor floods the news cycle with radical veto slate.

 This last week, Governor Cooper vetoed 5 bills that have been sitting on his desk, already ratified by the General Assembly. The Governor’s slew of vetoes is further indication that he is out of touch with the People of North Carolina and their values, remaining obstinate to the will of the People.

Governor Cooper’s veto of S.B. 250: Remove Foreign Citizens From Voting Rolls is one of the most glaring examples of his disconnect from the People. By way of his veto, Cooper is effectively moving to support fraudulent voting by foreign citizens, which calls into question the integrity of our elections that the GOP-led General Assembly has been working so hard to uphold and defend. The Governor’s veto of Senate Bill 520 is cause for concern for every citizen of our great state.

Cooper also vetoed H.B. 231: UNC & Comm. College. Pay/Retiree Bonus & S.B. 354: Strengthening Educators’ Pay Act, both pay raises that the GOP-led General Assembly passed for the hard-working teachers of our public schools. House Bill 231 provided for salary increases to employees of the UNC System, N.C. Community College System, and a cost-of-living supplement for retired teachers and state employees. Senate Bill 354 provided much-needed salary increases for public school personnel.

Hal Weatherman -Dan Forest for Governor 2020

The news out of Raleigh paints a disturbing picture of incompetence and mismanagement at the highest levels of our state government. Our state lacks the executive leadership and vision needed to set us on the right path.

Whether the problems facing our state are the result of gross incompetence or willful ignorance, it is obviously time for new leadership in Raleigh. Help our campaign bring a new vision to the Governor’s office next year.

Chaos at the Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation is mired in a fiscal disaster. The rampant overspending and illegal transfer of $1.1 billion to the Highway Fund is an embarrassment to our state. North Carolinians demand accountability from our leaders, not name-calling and excuses.

Playing Political Games with Our Veterans’ Families

Veterans made great sacrifices to protect our nation, and their families should never be used as political pawns. Withholding payments for the North Carolina State Scholarship for Children of War Veterans is unconscionable and a smack in the face to these families. This political strong-arming has no place in our state and we need your help to put an end to it.

Corruption Crippling our State Government

A culture of corruption in the administration has led to endless lawsuits and controversies involving pay-to-play with the Atlantic Coast pipeline. Directly or indirectly, the leadership of our state is failing us. We need leaders that will fight for North Carolina’s interests, not their own.

Failing Recovery Efforts

After the devastation caused by hurricanes Florence and Dorian, the people of North Carolina were in desperate need of assistance. We trusted the Cooper administration to care for those in need, and instead, they bumbled the financial aid to these communities. In times of crisis, we need our elected officials to deliver, not drop the ball.

North Carolina families are tired of excuses, name-calling, and scandals. Dan Forest is running to be our next Governor to end the scandals and restore honorable, proven leadership to our state.

Dan’s clear vision of unity, opportunity, and possibility will help bring about the end of corruption and mismanagement in Raleigh. Will you chip in $25 to make this vision a reality?


Gov. Cooper Tries to Shift Blame on His Decision to Block Teacher Pay Raises, but the Facts Speak for Themselves
Raleigh, N.C. – Just days after Governor Roy Cooper vetoed another teacher pay raise, the far-left NCAE is organizing anti-Republican “walk-in protests,” despite Republicans passing – and Governor Cooper vetoing – the sixth and seventh consecutive teacher pay raises.    Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) said, “Republicans have given teachers the third-highest pay raise in the entire country over the last five years. Governor Cooper has vetoed every pay raise that’s come across his desk. Governor Cooper ended negotiations on teacher pay this year when he vetoed teacher raises.”   Berger continued, “Rank-and-file teachers should be livid that their so-called ‘advocates’ in the NCAE and Governor’s Office would prefer a 0% pay raise to a 3.9% pay raise. The only explanation for such a bizarre position is that the NCAE is a subsidiary of the Democratic Party and uses teachers as pawns to try to elect more Democrats.”   The facts are (thankfully) indisputable. Under Republicans: Teacher pay has increased at the third-highest rate in the entire country; Graduation rates are up 8 percentage points, and just as importantly, the graduation rate gap between black students and all students has been cut in half; Each education budget has been the highest in state history.   But Governor Cooper and the far-left NCAE doesn’t care about any of that. Their entire focus is to spin and find reasons to ignore that data in an effort to advance the canard that Republicans are anti-teacher; they do that in an effort to help elect Democrats.   Here’s today’s post from the NCAE’s Social and Racial Justice Caucus about their true goals:  “Over the next year, we have two tasks: get ourselves organized well enough to strike and win if and when we need to, and move enough voters to defeat Trump/Devos/Berger/Moore/Johnson/Forest/etc.”  “Join the NCAE Organize 2020 Racial and Social Justice Caucus for our webinar on Monday night and invite your co-workers. As spread out as we all are, it’s the only way we can get on the same page. Let’s get this thing moving.” WASHINGTON IMPEACHMENT proceedings by the “Can’t Beat him at the Polls So Impeach him” Democrats was a BIG FLOP!!! NO CRIME, NO CREDITABLE 1st hand Knowledge of ANYTHING because there was nothing! They cannot beat the American People when they come out in full force and they will see this in 2020! DO NOT SIT ON THE SIDELINES! Get Involved to HELP DRAIN THE SWAMP! RICHARD HUDSON: Our 8th District US Congressman (till judges try to change it, not their JOB)  is very vocal on this impeachment stuff and wants to make sure everyone knows 4 KEY FACTS: 1-The transcript of the phone call shows NO DISCUSSION of military aid or conditionality. 2-Both leaders, Trump and Zelensky have said there was NO PRESSURE. 3-Ukraine DID NOT know the aid had NOT BEEN released at the time of the call. 4-The aid was RELEASED, and Ukraine did not have to take any action for the aid to flow. PERIOD! ( Hoke GOP-This is a SCAM IMPEACHMENT put together by Democrats, The Media and Socialist to discredit the President and talk about it to STOP YOU the AMERICAN PEOPLE from exercising your freedom to ELECT HIM AGAIN ! KEEP AMERICA GREAT  and VOTE Trump 2020. STAY ENGAGED ON THE ISSUES COME JOIN US in #WINNING!!  Save America and Save Hoke ! Facebook: Hoke County GOP