FIRST, THANK YOU for your service! A large portion of Hoke County Republican Party are retired military or veterans. Some are Special Forces, Law Enforcement, EMS, Mechanics, Personnel, Naval Commanders, Air Force, Sergeants Majors, Officers, enlisted, Fire Fighters, Healthcare Workers, Business Owners, Handymen, Combat Engineers, Aircraft Pilots and more just to name a few. WE KNOW military folks work hard, help their communities and are a strong workforce. What we need in Hoke County is for those people who live here to VOTE HERE!! The North Carolina General Assembly recently passed a law that Military Retiree Pay in North Carolina is Tax Exempt. ( That means, you can register to vote here and not pay state income tax ) SEE STORY>

PLEASE; Military personnel and retired or veteran, REGISTER TO VOTE where you live! We need better WE NEED YOU ( remember that ) to help make our community a better place! Public Schools, Businesses, Recreation, Boards and Committees, Economic Development, Health, Planning and Zoning, Animal Control, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Fire Fighters, Information Technology, Senior Services, Veteran Services. MILITARY FOLKS have seen the world and seen how other parts of the world operate and we have vast experiences that can help grow our community.


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